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Flipped Printing? What do you mean? Please ask another question with more exact details about your coin. All U.S. coins have the reverse side rotated 180 degrees from the obverse (front) side. The only cases that are valuable occur when the design is rotated a different amount (or not rotated at all). These are considered to be error coins and their value depends on the extent by which the rotation differs from 180 degrees.

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Q: How much is a silver dollar coin from 1921 with flipped printing worth?
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There's no silver in it, and it's worth one dollar.

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If it was made from 1 US silver dollar and has all of the silver in the silver dollar still within the spoon, it is worth $22 in silver content.

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What is 1959 a silver dollar worth?

A dollar

What is a 1992 silver dollar worth?

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The 1999 silver dollar is worth $49.00

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A Washington silver dollar, believe it or not.

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Is a dollar bill worth more if the printing is shifted?


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The James Madison Presidential dollar is made of brass, not silver, and is worth one dollar.

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What is Kennedy 1964 silver dollar worth?

Kennedy is on the HALF dollar, not dollar. There were no U.S. silver dollars minted in the 1960s. The '64 Kennedy half is 90% silver and extremely common, currently worth about $10.50 for the silver.

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