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How much is a small William Hogarth print worth?



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This very much depends on the exact print, when it was printed, who printed it, what the subject of the print is, and what condition it is in. When Hogarth was alive, not only were there many authorized versions of his prints, there were many pirated versions, as well. After he died, various other people published versions of his prints. Sometimes, they used the original plates Hogarth used, and sometimes they had other plates engraved. In some cases, there were engravings that were copies of Hogarth's works, done in a smaller size, which were used as illustrations in books. Some of these books may have been printed as recently as the early 20th Century. So a "Hogarth print" might have been printed anywhere from 1700's to the 1900's, and may be someone else's copy of Hogarth's original print. (And I'm sure that there have been plenty of later copies and forgeries as well.) As you can guess, a 1700's original Hogarth print is likely going to be worth a lot more than an 1800's or 1900's copy of that same print that was a book illustration. Also, some prints are more interesting to collectors than others, and so may be worth more. And the condition of the print is important. A perfect print will be worth more than one with water stains, spots, or other damage. To figure out what a Hogarth print is worth, you need specific information about the things just mentioned. Hope this helps.