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How much is a taxi from Victoria bus station London to central street London?


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September 13, 2011 4:09AM


I you ever need a taxi in the UK then have a look at It will tell you how much a taxi is from a to b.



I'm from London and have just looked at the website mentioned above. It quotes your fare at five pounds seventy five pence. But I did it from Victoria to Piccadilly Circus. Although there is a " Central Street " in London this is not in the west end where I would think as a tourist you'll want to go. However to go to Central Street EC1 then the above person was about right. I'd be a bit dubious about using the recommended taxi company though as that company is MILES from central London and only gives a mobile ( cell ) number. Grab a black cab from outside the station to go there. And although I'd expect it to be a bit more expensive at least you know you'll get there in once piece. Personally I'd just jump on the tube ( underground railway ) for two pounds or jump on a bus.