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The cost of the tickets you received will probably depend on state/jurisdiction. However, if you did have insurance at the time but couldn't show proof, most states allow you to show the proof at the court and then they will throw that ticket out.

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Q: How much is a ticket for going 95 on a 65 freeway with a minor with no seatbelt and you have insurance but didn't show proof at the time?
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How much does a no proof of insurance ticket cost in Ontario Oregon?

well, if you didnt have insurance when you got pulled over.. in Ontario Canada its a 5000$ minimum fine (could be more depending on how the judge is feeling that day), plus a 1 year suspension of drivers license. If you DID have insurance, but just forgot to put your new insurance card in the glove box.. your in the same boat as me. When I got pulled over, I was given a slip of paper saying i was being charged with driving without insurance and had to appear in court. But no ticket on the spot. I got a ticket long ago for not having my drivers license with me, I thought this would be the same type of thing. You'd think the street cops would be able to type in your license plate and drivers license info into their computers and find out if you are insured..... but no... They don't have access to insurance companies databases! Seems strange to me. So to conclude, I need to appear in court on the date they have given me to prove that I have been insured. I suspect once I prove myself insured, i will receive a $100-$200 fine for not having the insurance card in the car when I was pulled over. Its just one of those things i guess. lol.

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