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How much is a used GameCube How much is a new GameCube Do gamegubes come with a controller?


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As of February, 2008, in the USA, used Gamecube consoles, with one controller, are going for $15 to $20. This would be at the largest national retailer of these products. You would, if you were to purchase this same system from the same store, pay at least twice that for the same unit.

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The Wireless controllers come with a plug much like the wired variants. Plug this into the Wii's Gamecube ports and then turn on the controller and make sure that both the controller and dial on the plug are set to the correct channel (sometimes 3 and often times 4).

it depends on the condition. But usually about $8.00 to $15.00.

The Shockwave's biggest advantage is that it is wireless while the standard Nintendo Gamecube controller is wired. Unfortunately, the Shockwave is known to have accuracy issues and its wireless range is limited. In addition, the actual feel of the controller and the buttons is much cheaper and less durable than the Nintendo brand controllers.

if it is in perfect quality 200 dollars. if its good quality 100 dollars. if it is damaged 50 dollars. you can just put it on eBay and people will bid for it and you choose who you want get it. (usually the highest bidder)

If you have a video game store like GameStop near you, you can go there and get one for about $15 or $20.

simple first buy a gamecube controller usb cable and gamecube original disk then take the controller rip the wire and rip the usb wire than connect the controller wire with usb wire use tape connect it pc the go to download the softare and copy paste it on the disk oh n u need dvd drive to insert disk now all u need to do now is dowbload dolphin emulator and install it thats pretty much it and u cant play games with ur keybord nor mouse u need the controller

A gamecube costs 20 dollars at gamestop

It won't. The GameCube has pretty much died out. No one uses them anymore except for people who bought them long ago, so no game sellers are interested in selling new games for old consoles. You won't ever find The Sims 3 for GameCube.

It depends on what controller your trading in

You're looking at about 20 bucks for the console,10 bucks for the cords,15 bucks for an individual controller so I'd say around 90 bucks for an entire set.

No. Wii has much better graphics and interactive controls, and Gamecube is older.

While playing Harvest Moon, plug the controller into the third Gamecube slot and press start. Every time you press the start button, you get 10,000 G. But remember not to do it too much or it might possibly ruin your file though it's not likely. You can also get 99 of almost every item you can possibly get by pressing the Z button while the controller is still in the third slot.

three places gamestop: don't take xbox any more gamecube:$8 gamecrazy: xbox:$16 gamecube:$10 gamemaster: xbox:$10 gamecube:$6

at gamestop they are 29.99.

no because ds has no connection with other games, such as wii,playstation,gamecube,psp and much more no because ds has no connection with other games, such as wii,playstation,gamecube,psp and much more no because ds has no connection with other games, such as wii,playstation,gamecube,psp and much more

$29.99. really cheap because you can buy 2 ps2 games for the price of a gamecube.

Gamecube is a fairly old system, you could maybe get 30-50 dollars for it

About 12.00 USD store credit. GameCube is now an outcast, kicked out by the Wii.

gamecube stuff is discontinued at gamestop, youll have to go to pawn 1 or something

A wireless controller for the XBox costs about $25.

About 30$ in America (really cheap)

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