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How much is a used dsi when you trade in a used ds lite?

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without trading it in is about $170 but with trading in..... im not sure what the price is if you trade in a used ds to get a used dsi but a new dsi with trading would cost about $120 if you cant afford it.... look on ebay!

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Yes you can trade a DSi for a DS Lite at Gamestop.

At Gamestop if you trade your DSi for a DSi XL you get $80 off the DSi purchase($189.99). If you trade your DS Lite for a DSi XL

you can trade your ds lite in at game and usually get £75 so you only have to pay half the price for your DSI

Yes. Most video game shops will do DS Lite->DSi trade-ins, but you'll likely only get about half of what a DSi costs.

Well I know if u trade in a gba and a ds lite u dont pay much

it depends if its in good shape no scuffs or anything

yh in game you can trade in a DS LITE and get a dsi for halfprice

If I'm not mistaken, the dsi XL is 180 dollars. If you trade in your ds lite, it will subtract 40 dollars. I've done this and I've done it at Gamestop. If it still too much, go trade in some games.

yes i think you can.The most likely place that would do that would be gamestop. i think if you trade in your ds lite for a dsi XL you get the dsi XL for $130.

no, but you can get a discount to trade the ds for a dsi for around 60$

no you can't. but if you go to gamestop and trade it in you get 70$ and a dsi.

The current price of a DSi is about $145. However, if you have a DS Lite or DS, then you can trade that in for about $70 to reduce your costs.

You can maybe trade a ds lite at game stop,but you still have to pay 75 dollars

Yes. If you go to your local gamestop and trade your ds lite in, they will give you $70 to put towards your dsi.

Well, it depends. Who are you trading it to? If it's a business then NOT AT ALL! If it's a friend or relative or a trader (test the DSi for a stranger) then possibly. Your best chances are by selling your DS lite and using the money to buy a used DSi. xxx

You can trade in a DS for a DSi at your local Gamestop. The original DS is $50.00 and the DS lite is 70.00 dollars.

the only thing i know of is that at gamestop you can trade it in and thay will give you a pretty good discount for the dsi.

Gamestop will pay for your DS or DS lite towards a DSi, but they usually give very little... (I think £50 for a DS lite...) they have an offer now that ends may 31, 2009, where you can trade in your ds lite for a dsi and only have to pay 100 pounds.

Well you can trade your DS or DS Lite in at Gamestop and probably get an okay amount of money towards a DSi, but I can assure you no store would give you a DSi for an older model hands down.

i heard in the UK that in the (game) store it is £75 ifit is in good condition

no because of the value difference

Yes you can OR you can trade your Nintendo DS, $100 and 2 unwanted games for a Nintendo DSi.

If you mean simply trading one system for the other, then no, you cannot. The Nintendo DSi is worth about $150 while the DS Lite is worth about $110. You can, however, trade in the Nintendo DS Lite and cash for the Nintendo DSi. If you choose that method, you will need about $40 or so more to cover the cost. You can also choose to trade in your Nintendo DS Lite plus a game or two for the Nintendo DSi.

In eb games but it costs money aswell just not as much you get about $150 off

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