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Q: How much is a vintage die cast metal train pencil sharpener worth?
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How did John Lee Love die?

John Lee Love was killed in train and car crash in 1931. John Love Lee is known for his invention of the pencil sharpener.

Where do you find the pencil in mystery train?

A Cabin

What is pencil for in mystery train island?

Go away

How many vintage steam train stations nz?

As of June 2013, there are less than 10 vintage steam train stations in NZ. Because of their high costs and complexity, these stations are all but extinct.

What do you use the pencil with for mystery train?

you have to talk to the porter and she will tear the orders out. then you have to use the pencil to rub on the tablet and that's where you use the pencil. Hope this helps! :D

Why do the wheels squeal on a train when going through a curve?

Centrifugal force is pulling the train's metal wheels against the sides of the metal train tracks, creating friction. Metal on metal makes a horrible noise.

How do you find the message on the notepad in mystery train island?

you need to first find a pencil but i cant remember where to get it.. its somewhere on the train and when you get the notepad go into you inventory and click on the pencil. the it will come up with the notepad and pencil and all you have to do is draw over the notepad until it stops you

Who do you show the transformer sketch to on mystery train island?

you use the pencil

How do you reveal the imprint of the porter's notepad in mystery train island?

Use the pencil.

Are train tracks metal?

Yes. Train tracks are metal because if they were wooden such fast moving train wheels will cause friction on the wooden tracks, setting them on fire.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to build a train out of metals?

Maybe because if we build a train with non-metal it will not able to carry heavy loads which a train build with metal can easily do

What is a train engine made of?