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Sorry,don`t know the answer but would love to know as i`ve gotone exactly the same..

Try Ebay!


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If this is an original Slazenger ball as used in the World Cup in 1966 and still in good condition it worth several thousand Euro or even more

This could be worth several thousand Euros. Even more if this is an original Slazenger ball as used in the 1966 World Cup. Some of the signatures are worn, the ones signed in blue ink are visable but some are signed in black in which have faded. Does anybody know if these can be brought to life... And it is the original slazenger ball used in the 1966 World Cup.

depending on the condition a fully original twin with original speakers can be worth over $3,000.00 USD

Most of them are still only worth 5 cents.

George Cohen game shirt sold at Christies for £38,400 or $70,003 in 2006, not many of the shirts still around, so Bonnetti could be below that number, but still costly. Nezz

The coin has no silver and is still found in circulation. It's worth 25 cents.

It is possible to find original black plates for a 1966 Mustang coupe. You can contact local car restore shops for details.

Not as much as it will be if we win another.

10 cents, they are still found in circulation.

1966 and they are still going on about it.

$200,000 in 1966 was worth about $1,463,067.90 in 2015.

how much is 1966 un peso worth

A quarter from 2006 would still be worth 25 cents.

I'll sell you my all-original 3.3 liter engine out of a 1966 mustang for $750 If it's original it will be worth more. A larger motor will be in the thousands

The 1966 World Cup final was held in England and featured England and Uraguay as the finalists. An unused final ticket in pristine condition is worth about £10 to £20.

It's a common coin, still in circulation, has no silver and is just face value.

It's a common date coin still in circulation. It has no silver and is just face value.

The 1966 world cup coin collection worth like 14 euros. The price also depends on the demands that the coin have therefore if the coin get older the price will go up.

It is worth many $$$, depends on which sport world cup ticket it is. I would advise you list it on ebay auction.

$10,000 US Dollars in 1966 would be worth $66,328 in today's money.

Look at this website There are 4 versions in all I think! The original, a reprint in 1966, reprint in 1970 and another reprint in 1999

there a person on ebay who seems to think its worth £349.99...not a chance...i own two,they are worth about £30-£40 each.

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