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In a desktop case and in mint condition upto $150. I recently purchased a 117L from an original owner in a full sized desk with complete accessory kit and original sales documentation for $50.00. That was a bargain.

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How much is a Bernina 1630 sewing machine worth?

Whatever you are perpared to pay for it :)

How much is a Bernina Sewing Machine worth?

They have a full range of machines that sell new from $299 to as much as $12,000 for the latest top-of-the-line model. The value of any sewing machine would depend on the model, age, and condition.

What is your Kenmore sewing machine worth?

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How much is a 1962 model 90 Kenmore sewing machine worth?

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How much is your singer sewing machine worth?

VariesThe worth of a Singer sewing machine will vary according to the age, condition , and Model number.

How much is an old Singer sewing machine worth model?


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White Co sewing machine dated 1910 how much is it worth?

How much is a Dial n Sewing machine worth. MODEL NUMBER 1910 SERIAL NUMBER 70041

How much is your White Sewing Machine Series 77 Model 659 worth?

How much is it worth with cabinet white rotary electric sewing machine series 77

How much is a Kenmore sewing machine model 385 12906 worth?


What is a Edison E model 21 sewing cabinet worth?

sewing machine is in excelent condition. cabnet is fair.

What model of new leader sewing machine is serial number 1465021?

i have a new leader improved sewing machine model # 6304746 that is pristine condition along with cabinet. What year was this machine made and how much is it worth ?

What is Kenmore sewing machine model 17891 in excellent condition worth?

It depends on which model.

How much is a Kenmore Rotary Sewing Machine Model No 117.831 with attachments worth?


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How much is a bernina 1630 inspiration plus sewing machine worth?

I just paid $900 for a lightly used one. It came with extra feet, bobbins, instruction video, and a specially designed table for this model. I feel like I got a good deal.

What is a simanco sewing machine worth?

Domestic sewing machine made by SIMANCO

How much is a Kenmore model 1602 158.16020 1971-72 sewing machine worth?

A Kenmore model 1602 158.16020 1971-1972 sewing machine has a value of about $50 to $150, depending on the condition.

How much is a domestic rotary electric sewing machine model number 151 worth?


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