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Q: How much is an military book worth Specifically the one from the time elvis was in the army. The book includes photos of him.?
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How much would Elvis a Legendary Performer volume 1 be worth It includes a booklet with lots of candid photos of Elvis?

200 hundred pounds

Was there an Elvis sighting in Ohio?

Elvis was sighted in Cincinatti , Belluvue and Steubenville and their was photos taken.

Is there any photos of Roy and Elvis togather?

Is there any photographs of Roy and Elvis to gather ? .

Did Elvis do music first or go to the military?

Elvis was a popular singer with hit records before he went into the military.

What all did Elvis Presley do in his life?

Elvis would sing.He also attend the military.

Where did Elvis Presley get his military haircut?

Fort Chaffee, Arkansas

How do you get Elvis copyright permission?

It depends on the materials--photos, recordings, video, they're all different.

What year did Elvis record if you can dream?

it was recorded 1968 specifically for the comeback special

What actors and actresses appeared in Elvis Costello - 2013?

The cast of Elvis Costello - 2013 includes: Elvis Costello as himself

What actors and actresses appeared in The Elvis Files - 1990?

The cast of The Elvis Files - 1990 includes: Elvis Presley as himself

What actors and actresses appeared in Mondo Elvis - 1984?

The cast of Mondo Elvis - 1984 includes: Elvis Presley as himself

How many years did Elvis serve in the military reserves?

14 months