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How much is an original Babe Ruth picture worth?

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April 18, 2008 3:04AM

Very candid, there are many photos of Babe Ruth. Today there are mass produced 8 x 10 photos that can be easily bought for about $10. All photos will have a value but It all depends on what type of photo you have. The value of your photo will rely on if it is an original first generation photo made from the original negative, a snap shot taken, a news service photo, or a wire photo printed off a teletype machine. All are highly collectible, and can sell between $20. -$200. in general.

The photo could also be from a magazine premium or a team released photo sent to fans.

Contact me with more details or I can help you figure out what type of photo you have. PSA/DNA has a photo authenticating system that will help sellers of photographs realize the highest prices possible in a market that demands authentication. Check out their website at