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How much is dela hoya worth?

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Who won pacquiao vs dela hoya?


You have an Oscar de la hoya autograph how much is worth?

how much is a Oscar de la hoya autograph worth

Who do you think will win between Manny Pacqiuao and Oscar Dela Hoya?

De La Hoya by KO.

How tall is Oscar Dela Hoya?

Oscar De La Hoya is 5 ft 10 in (179 cm)

What boxer has one the most titles at different weights?

Oscar dela hoya with 6

Has Oscar dela hoya had his nose broken when hes been boxing?

You got this wrong. Oscar De La Hoya broke Genaro Hernandez's nose.

Where is Oscar dela hoya from?

Oscar De La Hoya was born in Montebello which is in east Los Angeles, California in 1973. His parents moved to the United States from Mexico before he was born.

How much is Oscar de la hoya worth?

50 million US dollars

Why Oscar dela hoya surrender in fight against manny pacqiauo?

because he wanted to keep his face looking good and enjoy the million dollars he'll earn

Can boxers get rich?

yes but only if there really good high profile guys like Oscar dela hoya or Floyd maywhether. the majority of boxers are always gonna be poor.

Oscar de la hoya total net worth 2009?

9.7 Billion

Who found the land first Cesar Chavez or The Indians?

The indians! hoya hoya hoya HU!

i like ya cut g hoya?


When was County of Hoya created?

County of Hoya was created in 1202.

Oscar de la hoya name in big letters?

Oscar de la Hoya = OSCAR DE LA HOYA

How much does Floyd Mayweather get paid for the fight with Oscar de la Hoya?

50 mill Mayweather made 26 million. De La Hoya made 46 million

Who is the CEO of Pentax?

Pentax is owned by Hoya. The CEO of Hoya is Hiroshi Suzuki.

What is the scientific name for the plant hoya?

The genus name is Hoya. There are numerous species.

When was Hoya Corporation created?

Hoya Corporation was created on 1941-11-01.

How much money does Oscar de la hoya earn?

more than me for sure

What does dela dela ngyanya dela dela sondela mama sondela from the song Dela by Johnny Clegg mean?

It means content, content I am content when I'm with you, closer, closer come closer mama I burn for you. See the related link.

Who is daisey de la hoya?

Daisy De La Hoya is a stripper and singer.

How is Oscar De La Hoya a leader?

how is Oscar De La Hoya a leader

How tall is Dela Gakpo?

Dela Gakpo is 168 cm.

When was Sabrana dela created?

Sabrana dela was created in 1983.

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