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How much is it to fix a rod on the engine of a '97 Chevy Tracker?

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I'm going to assume that you refer to a connecting rod in the engine. Unfortunately, this isn't an easy task to undertake nor a cheap one to pay for. If the connecting rod snapped it may have caused unrepairable damage while being spun as the crankshaft turned. You should be able to see this by removing the oil pan (and perhaps pump) and inspecting the inside of the engine block, pistons, and crank.

If you've beaten the odds and there is no damage, it may be possible to replace a connecting rod with the engine in the car; I do not know. If it is at all possible, it will be difficult. If you're up for the task, try it yourself. If you're targeting paying a mechanic to do this, it may be cheaper to install a new engine. You'll have to talk with someone with far more experience with this car than I to get a confident answer.

If the connecting rod broke or a bearing spun due to insufficient oil flow/pressure than I would not consider simply trying to replace a rod or bearing.

In any case, if you have a broken or damage connecting rod, the costs will not be cheap. You might be able to swap in an engine from a junkyard yourself for less than .00 dollars or you may pay a mechanic to swap in a brand new turnkey style engine and the cost may be .00 dollars. Most likely, if you choose to pay a mechanic to swap a new engine in. Expect a bill of at least .00. If you pay a mechanic to change the connecting rod, you might be able to get away with .00. However, this may not be possible or feasible.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Good luck. -MJ

P.S. If it wasn't a connecting rod that is damaged then ignore what I said. If the connecting rod didn't snap, also ignore it.

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