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how much is a penny weight of 10k gold worth


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1/4 gold selling for in penny weight

My guess would be that it was plated with gold (or a gold-colored metal) after minting, and that it is thus worth about a penny.

A 1959 gold Lincoln penny is not worth much. Coin collectors will pay between 45 and 65 cents for this penny depending on condition.

I have 14 carot gold jewelry that weighs in at 9.6 pennyweight. How many ounces of gold is that? How much is the current market value for gold is that amount worth?

The date of the "gold colored penny" is needed. Post new question.

between £150,000 and £200,000

a ring and 14k gold 18 inch chain weighs 15.7 in penny, how is it worth in u.s. dollars?

Regardless of what country it's from, it's worth 1 penny. No country makes gold pennies for circulation because that much gold would be worth $150 or so at today's prices. Your coin was either plated or exposed to a chemical that changed its color.

One ounce of gold is worth $1,063. The price of the block of gold depends on the weight. Most weight 40lbs and are worth $42,520.

The US does not make gold pennies. The coin you have is gold plated. It is considered an altered coin and therefore is worth only face value.

Depends on the purity of the gold and the weight of the ingots.

By weight, diamonds are worth more because they are much more rare than gold.

how much is a 1867 Canadian penny worth

well think about it how much is a penny worth

Depends on the weight of it.

It will depend on the weight.

It depends on the weight of the gold.

Depends on weight of gold in each individual bracelet and purity of gold

A wheat penny is worth about $1,000,000

A penny minted in 2013 is worth a penny, or 1 cent.

i have 5.4 14 gold. if i sold it how much money is it worth.

Weight is the ONLY way to tell how much gold is worth.

The U.S. has never made a gold one cent coin. Post a new question with a date.

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