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How much is scrap metal?

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the price all depends on where you live, what kind of metal you have, and what the price is at right now. hope that helps!

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How much scrap metal per 100 lbs?

Not much.

How much is a barge worth in scrap metal?

Need to know how much weight and what type of scrap metal (steel, copper, etc.) in order to provide correct answer

Scrap metal price is what?

Scrap metal price is the price someone is willing to pay for scrap metal.

How much does scrap metal sell for?

it depends on what u have. I got a couple hundred bucks for some scrap metal, if the metal is clean u can get way more for it.

How much is scrap metal today?

Scrap Metal is worth anywhere from 10¢ per pound and above, depending on what you are selling. For example, scrap copper is ~$3 per pound.

How much scrap metal does a golf cart have on it?


What are scrap metal selling for a pound?

There are many types of scrap metals. There are ferrous scrap metals and there are non ferrous scrap metals as well as precious metal scrap and exotic metal scrap. Each type of scrap metal sells for a different price per pound. Also depending on the grade of the scrap metal (prepared, unprepared, stripped, etc.) and your location in the world, the price of scrap metal will vary. Supply and demand also dictates the price of scrap.

How much for scrap metal?

13 cents per pound

How much is scrap metal worth per pound?


How much is scrap metal per pound today?


How much can you get if you scrap your Geo Metro?

the weight of the vehicle times the amount of scrap metal per 100 lbs

How much is a scrap cat from a 3ltr jeep worth?

Scrap prices change often. Call your local scrap metal dealer for a current price.

Scrap metal price is free?

scrap metal prices in muskegon, mi

What is the scrap metal from a bus worth?

Scrap metal prices change almost daily. Call your local scrap metal yard for current prices.

A slogan for metal scrap?

Get Scrap Happy!

How much does metal go for at scrap yard?

35 cents a pound

What is the vaule of scrap metal on a ford SUV?

What is price of Ford Expedition as scrap metal

How much could you earn if you were to scrap a 14x70 foot mobile home?

I don't think the readers understand my question. I want to know how much money the scrap metal I get from a 14x70 mobile would be worth. Not asking for any fees associated with or any thing that would come from the value of the scrap metal. Just the value of the scrap. I have pretty much gotten everything out that you can sell for scrap. Thank you very much Waiting for reply

Who mush do scrap steel cost per kg?

We want to sell scrap metal what is the cost for scrap metal per kg/

When was Epic Scrap Metal created?

Epic Scrap Metal was created on 2011-03-04.

When did Scrap Metal - band - end?

Scrap Metal - band - ended in 1995.

When was Scrap Metal - band - created?

Scrap Metal - band - was created in 1983.

Is the catalytic converter on 1988 chev celebrity worth any money?

Yes, there is scrap metal value.Yes, there is scrap metal value.

How much is being paid for aluminum and metal scrap in Knoxville TN?


How much is scrap metal a ton?

Scrap Metal is usually sold by the gross ton. One gross ton is 2240 pounds. For more information, check the "How To" under related links.