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she is worth 2 million dollars .. makes 100,000 per episode for season 4

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โˆ™ 2011-11-07 21:55:30
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Q: How much is snooki worth?
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How much money does Nicole polizzi has?

How much is Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi worth?$4 Million Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi's Annual Salary$150 Thousand Per Episode

How much does snooki weigh and what is her height?

Snooki currently weights : 95- 120lbs Height: 4''9''

How much does Nicole 'Snooki' polizzi weigh?


How much does Nicole โ€œSnookiโ€ Polizzi weigh?


Is snooki obese?

No, Snooki is not obese.

Is Snooki a man?

No. Snooki is not a man.

Why is snooki so fat?

Because she eats to much food

How much does Snooki weigh from Jersey Shore?

95 lbs.

What is snooki last name?

"Snooki" Polizzi

Does Snooki from Jersey Shore wrestle?

no Snooki does not wrestle

Who is snooki pregnant by?

Snooki is pregnant by Jionni Lavalle.

Is snooki realy pregnant?

Yes, snooki really is pregnate. ;)

How many months is snooki in her pregnancy?

Snooki is 4 months

How tall is Snooki?

Snooki stands at the short stature of 4'9".

Is snooki Mexican?

No, Snooki is half Chilean and half Italian.

What does Snooki mean?

That Snooki is very fat and preety and tan.

What is snooki's name?

Snooki's real name is Nicole Polizzi

Is Snooki black or white?

Snooki is white. ~ Foxes On A Television

What college did snooki attend?

Snooki hasn't attended any college.

What is snooki from Jersey Shore name?

Snooki's real name is Nicole

Who wins the fight between Snooki and angelick on the Jersey Shore?


Who is darker pauly d or snooki?

Snooki's darker than Pauly!

Why is snooki's name snooki?

Her nickname is "Snooki" because that's what her friends used to call her because she was the first one out of them to make out with someone so they called her Snooki which was the name of a character from Save the Last Dance

Who is better Snooki or J-WOW?

J WOW is hotter than snooki but snooki always gets laid so Jwoww is hotter

Is snooki pregnant with vinny's baby?

yes and i am so glade Snooki i am a fan