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It depends which card you're referring to. His rookie card with the Montreal Canadiens, 1970-71 OPC, goes for about $200.

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Q: How much is the Guy Lafleur card worth?
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How much is a Guy Lafleur autographed card worth?

in good condition, around 25$ and lot more if it's a rare card and produced by a brand like upper deck

How tall is Guy Lafleur?

Guy Lafleur is 6' 0".

What is the birth name of Guy Lafleur?

Guy Lafleur's birth name is Guy Damien Lafleur.

When was Guy Lafleur born?

Guy Lafleur was born on September 20, 1951.

How did Guy Lafleur get the name the flower?

Lafleur is french for flower

How old is Guy Lafleur?

Guy Lafleur is 59 years old (birthdate: September 20, 1951).

What nicknames does Guy Lafleur go by?

Guy Lafleur goes by The Flower, and Le Demon Blond (the Blond Demon).

What is the value of a signed Guy LaFleur rookie card?

Book Value in Mint is $200, but the signature would increase that value.

How many Stanley Cups did Guy Lafleur win?

Guy Lafleur took five cups home while playing for the Habs in the 1970s.

What year did Guy Lafleur start playing for the New York Rangers?

Guy Lafleur played for the Rangers during the 1988-89 season.

What is the value of a Guy LaFleur hockey card from 1971?

If it's the rookie card,,it's about $200,,it also depends on the condition it is in. This price ($200), is for very good condition.

Why is Guy Lafleur famous?

Guy Lafleur is the all-time leading scorer in the Montreal Canadiens history. Source:

What is Guy Lafleur's birthday?

Guy Lafleur was born on September 20, 1951.

Did Guy Lafleur ever wear the number 20?


When did guy lafleur win his first cup?


Who won the Art Ross Trophy in 1976?

Guy Lafleur

Who won the Art Ross Trophy in 1977?

Guy Lafleur

Who won the Art Ross Trophy in 1978?

Guy Lafleur

Who was the first pick in the 1971 NHL Draft?

Guy Lafleur

What Player has the least penalty minutes in career?

Guy lafleur

What number did Guy Lafleur wear for the Quebec Nordiques?


What is Guy Lafleur famous for?

Guy Lafleur is famous for playing ice hockey. He is a Canadian Professional right wing player, he is often regarded as the most naturally gifted player in the game.

What famous sports stars wore number 10?

Guy LaFleur

Which Montreal Canadien famous for his streaming blonde mane?

Guy Lafleur

Who wore number 10 in NHL history?

Guy Lafleur from the Montreal Canadiens