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WHICH liberty bell stamp?

The "forever" liberty bell stamp that's currently being sold is worth whatever first-class postage for a one-ounce letter is... as of now, that's 44 cents, but if the postage rate goes up, the stamps will still be considered full postage for a one-ounce first-class letter.

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How much is the Liberty Bell worth?

The Liberty Bell is priceless. I own a bell older than the liberty bell. . . not kidding

How much is a bell telephone stamp worth?

If you mean the stamps with the bell on them, that is the Liberty Bell, one of the U.S.'s great historical monuments and emblems, and not the logo of the telephone company. The stamp is worth first-class postage, meaning the cost of mailing a regular letter.

How much are Liberty Bell stamps worth?

Each stamp is worth 41 cents and can mail 1 ounce letters in the future regardless of price changes.

Why do the Liberty Bell have so much value?

Because the liberty bell is an old historic coin that is worth about $8.00

How much postage from GA to MN?

42 cents or the forever stamp with the liberty bell

How much is the Liberty Bell stamp cost?

The Liberty Bell Forever stamps are the same as other first class stamps... current valve of the stamp is 44 cents. The Forever stamp is able to be used no matter what price changes they make to the stamps in the future (probably why they dont put the cost on the actual stamp)

How much is the lady liberty and us flag stamp worth?

The Lady Liberty stamp is worth 39 cents. These are typically paired with the 5 cent stamp to make the current 44 cent postage. Buy "Forever Stamp" to save $$$ instead, since gas price keeps going up and USPS will only keep hiking its rate like the gas. There is a 2000 Statue of Liberty stamp that is worth $0.33.

How much is the Liberty Bell worth today?

It is a National treasure. You can't put a price on it.

How much is it to see the Liberty Bell?

It is free to see the Liberty Bell.

How much can a letter weigh with one stamp?

For First Class postage, one ounce using the Liberty Bell forever stamp, 44 cents.

How much is the US postage stamp with the Statute of Liberty on it worth?

The non-denominated stamp showing the face of the Statute of Liberty is a Forever Stamp. Meaning it is valid for the first ounce of first class postage, which is currently 45 cents.

How much is a 1960 Liberty Bell half dollar worth?

It's called a "Franklin Half" not a liberty Bell. The coins are so common the value for most is just for the silver, about $6.50

Uncirculated 10 air stamp what is it worth?

We don't know what year your stamp was made. There were many different 10¢ airmail stamps. If it has a Liberty Bell picture it's worth around 50¢. If he has an airplane it's worth around $3.00 to $8.00 depending on which picture it has. If it's only a red stamp that says Air Mail it isn't worth very much, maybe 25¢. Go to a book store and look at a Stamp Price Guide to find the same one as you have.

How much is a stamp of princess dianna worth?

How much is a Princess Dianna stamp worth?

How much does the Liberty Bell weigh?

The Liberty Bell weighs 2,055 pounds (900 kilograms).

How much is a 1960 half dollar with the cracked Liberty Bell worth?

All Franklin half dollars have the "cracked bell" it adds nothing to the value.

How much is a stamp with the Liberty Bell worth?

A US Postal employee told me that they won't lose any value if the rate goes up, and so far I have not had one returned. You may want to call the post office to verify this.

How much is your jeep liberty 2005 worth?

how much is my jeep liberty worth

How much is a 8 cent liberty stamp worth?

About eight cents, so you might need a couple more to mail something.

How much is a Liberty Bell half dollar?

The Liberty Bell is on the reverse (tails) side of the Franklin half dollar. One is currently worth at least $8 for the silver, and a little more if it's in particularly good condition.

How much is a 1954 half dollar with the cracked Liberty Bell worth?

All Franklin half dollars (and, indeed, in real life) show a crack in the Liberty bell. Please see the Related Question for more information.

How much does a 1776 1976 silver dollar with a liberty bell and moon worth?

That's the bicentennial dollar, extremely common, and still worth one dollar.

How much is a postage stamp in 2017?

It is worth the cost of the stamp.

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