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In most states Bail Bond agencies charge between 10% to 15%. In California the standard and published rates with the department of insurance are 10% for local bonds and 15% for federal bonds. Although these rates are published a bail agency could opt to rebate its clients a portion of its premium. This type of practice is common with defendants who are members of a union and/or a veteran.

Also in today's modernized bail industry most agents provide in house financing for it's premiums. An agent might only require a client to pay a down payment of 3% of the bond amount and the rest over 24 months.

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2017-12-03 07:05:46
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Q: How much is the average bail bond?
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When is bail bond released?

The release of a bail bond is called exoneration. A bail bond is usually exonerated when the case is disposed but the court can exonerate a bail bond before case disposition by revoking it.

Money to guarantee appearance in court?

Bail bond Surety bond. Bail

Secured bail bond?

A "secured" bail bond is one in which the ENTIRE cash amount of bail money was put up -or- the bail bond is secured in it's entire amount by the pledging of property of equal value.

Where can I find out about immigration bail bonds?

"A person can find out about immigration bail bonds from an immigration bail bond company,from a bail bond agent, from a courthouse or from a government office."

Can a bail bondsman revoke a bond for no reason?

A bail bondsman can ask the court to revoke a bond, but the judge alone has the final say whether a bail bond may be revoked.

How much does the bail bond lawyers get paid?

Although the charge can, and does, change from area to area and/or with the seriousness of the offense, or the size of the bond - "Bail Bondsmen" (as they are customarily known) USUALLY charge 10% of the bail amount set (i.e.- judge sets bail at $10,000. the bail would usually cost you $1,000.)

how many bail bond companies are there in Anchorage, AK?

There are nearly 12 bail bond companies in Anchorage,AK .Some of them are Break out Bail,Big fish bail,Alaska Bail Bonds etc

If a bail bond is exonerated do you get a refund from the bail company where you posted bail with?

Exoneration of a bail bond simply means that the defendant has been adjudicated and the bail liability has been released from the bail bond agent.When a bail bond is posted and a fee is charged by the bail agent that fee is non-refundable no matter if the charges are never filed, the defendant gets parole revoked and put back into custody, or the defendant is adjudicated.

If you sign a bond for someone to get out of jail can the bail bondsmen issue a warrant for you if they jump bail?

No, but you will become liable for the full amount of the bail jumpers bond.

What is a HG bail bond?


What if i don't pay bail bond?

The alternative to posting a bail bond is remaining in custody while awaiting the disposition of the case.

How can a bail bondsman get off the bond?

A bail bondsman can off a bond by demsonstrating to the court that the defendant has become a flight risk.

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