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How much is the boarding fee and tuition fee for vaal christian school?

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The tuition really varies from school to school. The average tuition of a private boarding school is around twenty thousand dollars a year.

The tuition for the 2012-2013 school year was $49,400 for boarding students and $34,100 for day students. Financial aid is also available for those who qualify.

It depends on WHAT school you want, look at like boarding school websites, they can get you contacts and loads of info about the school and curriculum. :)

Depending on the school you choose tuition will be about $2500 per semester.

It isn't a boarding school. The school is free but if you don't live near you could always take the train or find somewhereto live nearer the school:)

It is okay for a student to go just for high school boarding school, although it would be better for one to attend a boarding school since middle school, which is called junior boarding schools. However, if one already is a high school student, they can apply for good boarding schools, so that it can be helpful for them. Senior boarding schools give students wider environment that gives them a experience of university education. When applying for colleges and universities, it may be much more efficient for a student to get in.

there price varies it depends on what law school.

The cost to build a boarding school depends on the size, building materials, and the time put in to build it. It also depends on where you are planning to build the school.

All schools have different tuition. You should look up the specific school you want to attend for their tuition rates.

"According to Cedar Crest College's website, the average tuition expense for students is about $29,000. This estimate does not consider the cost of books, supplies, or boarding."

Same as the in-state tuition as it is a private school - Tuition and Fees: $23,976 Room and Board: $8,830 TOTAL: $32,806

The tuition fee for the nursing course at Royal Christian College can be obtained by contacting admissions. As of July 2013, the college does not provide their fees online.

That depends on what school you are attending.

No, not at all: from my boarding school experience, there is too much choice of healthy and delicious food. At PREP boarding school, everyone even checked that you were eating enough. So I don't think so.

You would probably want to phone specific schools - there is a wide variety of costs to consider. Try browsing this website: Also, financial aid is available in some cases. There is not one tuition for all teens for all schools. It depends if it is a public or private school, is the family low, middle or high income and will the child be staying full or part time at the school.

The cost of tuition for pharmacy schools varies widely by school and location, but you can expect it to cost no less that $20,000 for the four year degree for in-state students. The tuition can be as much as $80,000 for out-of-state students at expensive and renowned schools.

The tuition depends on which school you attend, but for the 2010-2011 school year estimates are around $27,000 if you live on campus, or rent an apartment in the area of the school, and are a California resident.

The most expensive, and elite, boarding school in the world is Le Rosey, in Chateau de Rosey, Rolle Switzerland, with a cost of 50,000 euros ($73,150) per year.In America, is the Middlesex School, in Concord, Mass., in which the day student pays $31,075. You can guess how much the boarding student pays.*** This information was taken of: and according to another sources, the most expensive American school is Lawrence Academy of Groton Mass. The tuition is $46,000.

Well, the tuition for stunt driving school are relatively fair. They also offer their variety of courses and programs for an incredibly reasonable price.

The cost depends on the school. Tuition can vary based on the demand for a school, Harvard will cost more than the Toledo Law School. Tuition at state schools tends to be less expensive.

Tuition for Cal Baptist School of Nursing is $10,933 per semester, approximately 13 to 18 units, or $841 per unit.

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