How much is the comic book The Mighty Thor number 1 worth?

Some of the answers on this site are ridiculous. This is one of the most ridiculous! 1. There are various Thor #1's, but only because Marvel keeps rebooting to artifically boost sales. The stories are poor and do not sell well, so to compensate Marvel keeps starts over every few years, hoping fans will think these #1's will be collector's items. They are not!

2. Thor's first appearance in Journey Into Mystery #83, dated 1962, is really worth thousands, but not the silly numbers some people are quoting!

3. The new Thor movie, out now, will boost values for a short time, but they will come back down soon.

4. The various Thor #1's that are out there are relatively worthless.

5. I've talked to dozens of misinformed people that think they have THE first appearance of this hero or that hero. They think they have a Million Dollar comic. It's possible, but usually not true.

6. The recent sales of Superman, Batman, and Spider Man in Amazing Fantasy #15 for 7 figures have really messed-up the hobby. Those books are not worth that much and the reports have artifically propped-up the values.

This was more than anyone wants to know, but let's talk facts when answering someone.