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The word fabulous is not a verb, it is an adjective. I have fabulous hair.

"Fabulous" in English is favoloso in Italian.

The word "fabulous" is not an adverb, no.The adverb form of the word "fabulous" is fabulously.

The catering was fabulous! A unicorn is a fabulous beast.

Fabulous is an adjective.

Comparative: More Fabulous Superlative: Most Fabulous

Fabuloso is fabulous in Spanish.

Try Snazzy Media Shop! They are based in the USA & ship quick. Their products are authentic with fabulous customer service! I always buy my Guitar Hero & Rock Band stuff from them.

Your performance was absolutely fabulous, I loved it!

She generously agreed and it was fabulous to have her.

fable is the base word of fabulous

Tagalog of fabulous = pabuloso; kabigha- bighani

She looked glorious in her fabulous gown.

The noun form for the adjective fabulous is fabulousness.

Planet Fabulous was created in 1994.

The ISBN of The Fabulous Riverboat is 0853911975.

Terror Fabulous was born in 1974.

Fabulous Poodles was created in 1975.

Fabulous Poodles ended in 1980.

fable is the root word of Fabulous.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is a fabulous place to start if you are looking for American companies that sell real estate. HUD is run by the government so the information is verified and authentic.

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