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This violation if a first offense is usually treated as a misdemeanor. The fines/penalties are at the discretion of the presiding juvenile court judge.

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Q: How much is the fine for a 'Minor in Possession' ticket in New Mexico?
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How much does a minor in possession ticket cost in Stillwater Oklahoma?

The fine for minor in possession in the state of Oklahoma can be as much as $300 for a first violation. A fine of $600 is possible for a second offense.

How much is a minor in possession of alcohol ticket in the state of Wisconsin?

Minor in possession charges can vary from having no fine at all to having a $750 fine! It all depends on where you're from and how many MIP's ya got.

What if i am sixteen years only and you get a ticket for minor in possession?

If you're a minor they will tell your parents and they will have to go to court and/or pay a small fine ($50-150).

What is the fine for minor in possession of marijuana in Nebraska?


How much does a Minor in Possession ticket cost in Michigan?

I paid $200 dollars in Romulus, Michigan when my daughter (17 years old) was caught in possession of alcohol. She had a court date and was issued the fine.

What is the fine for possession of alcohol as a minor in Maryland?

The fine can be up to $500, though that is the maximum.

Class misdemeanor possession of alcohol by a minor?

is there a fine to pay after attending court for contributing alcohol to a minor

How much in the fine for minor in possession in North Dakota?

Possession of alcohol by a minor in North Dakota classifies as a Class B misdemeanor. The fine is set at up to $1,000 or/and sentencing of about one year in jail.

What is a MIC ticket?

A ticket for MIC is a Minor in Consumption ticket. In most areas it is punishable by a fine and community service.

How much will a minor in possession of alcohol ticket cost in New York?

In Syracuse: Possession of Alcohol by Person Under 21: • Up to $50 fine and/or completion of an alcohol awareness program and/or up to 30 hours of community service

What kind of offense is minor in possession of alcohol in Rhode Island?

In the State of Rhode Island, a minor in possession of alcohol is guilty of a misdemeanor. The penalty is a fine and possible jail time.

What are the penalties for possession of alcohol of a minor in Florida?

Well I just received a ticket for possession of Alcohol by a minor the other week when I was down there for spring break. I called to ask what the fine is and they told me $415. It's completely ridiculous and I would say if you are from Florida to fight it, I'm not so I still am looking to talk with a lawyer.

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