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This violation if a first offense is usually treated as a misdemeanor. The fines/penalties are at the discretion of the presiding juvenile court judge.

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How much does a minor in possession ticket cost in Stillwater Oklahoma?

The fine for minor in possession in the state of Oklahoma can be as much as $300 for a first violation. A fine of $600 is possible for a second offense.

How much is a minor in possession of alcohol ticket in the state of Wisconsin?

Minor in possession charges can vary from having no fine at all to having a $750 fine! It all depends on where you're from and how many MIP's ya got.

What if i am sixteen years only and you get a ticket for minor in possession?

If you're a minor they will tell your parents and they will have to go to court and/or pay a small fine ($50-150).

How much does a Minor in Possession ticket cost in Michigan?

I paid $200 dollars in Romulus, Michigan when my daughter (17 years old) was caught in possession of alcohol. She had a court date and was issued the fine.

What is the fine for possession of alcohol as a minor in Maryland?

The fine can be up to $500, though that is the maximum.

How much in the fine for minor in possession in North Dakota?

Possession of alcohol by a minor in North Dakota classifies as a Class B misdemeanor. The fine is set at up to $1,000 or/and sentencing of about one year in jail.

How much will a minor in possession of alcohol ticket cost in New York?

In Syracuse: Possession of Alcohol by Person Under 21: • Up to $50 fine and/or completion of an alcohol awareness program and/or up to 30 hours of community service

Class misdemeanor possession of alcohol by a minor?

is there a fine to pay after attending court for contributing alcohol to a minor

What is a MIC ticket?

A ticket for MIC is a Minor in Consumption ticket. In most areas it is punishable by a fine and community service.

What kind of offense is minor in possession of alcohol in Rhode Island?

In the State of Rhode Island, a minor in possession of alcohol is guilty of a misdemeanor. The penalty is a fine and possible jail time.

What are the penalties for possession of alcohol of a minor in Florida?

Well I just received a ticket for possession of Alcohol by a minor the other week when I was down there for spring break. I called to ask what the fine is and they told me $415. It's completely ridiculous and I would say if you are from Florida to fight it, I'm not so I still am looking to talk with a lawyer.

What is the fine for a minor in possession of a lighter?

$75 or 30 hours of community service. in the state of California.

How much does a minor in possession ticket in Iowa cost?

It is a 200 dollar fine but after all the court charges and all the other bullsh*t they come up wit it is 335 dollars. I got one last night... :( how much wil a fight ticket cost?

How do you defend against a minor in possession charge?

A minor in possession charge usually has a court date associated with it. If you decide not to pay the fine, then show up to the court date and defend yourself or hire a lawyer.

You got a ticket for Minor In Possession of Alcohol you will be 21 by the court date What is the chance you can get this dropped?

If you were under 21 at the time of the charge then it is a minor in possession of alcohol - it doesn't matter that you'll be turning 21 you have already been arrested. Yes I am aware that the fine is justified..... but I am asking what is the likelihood of it being dropped. I mean I was only 20 days away from 21.

What are the charges for possession as a minor?

Depending on the amount and if its a first offense, its usually just 6mo probation and a fine.

What is the penalty for minor in possession the first offense?

a fine of no more than $100 and possible community service!

What is the penalty for getting a possession ticket while on probation?

A fine for the ticket, and violation for the new criminal charge. You could be required to serve the remainder of the original sentence.

How many people get arrested for marijuana possession in California in a year?

Zero. It's decriminalized in California. That means that for simple possession, you get a small fine, much like a speeding ticket.

How much is fine for an underage drinking ticket in NJ?

There are no set fines or penalties for criminal offenses. Minor in possession of alcohol is normally a misdemeanor, and can therefore be punished with a maximum of one year in jail and/or up to $1,000 fine. The court must consider the facts and circumstances to determine the appropriate punishment.

Can a minor receive a fine from the police?

Yes. A perfect example of this would be being issued a traffic ticket.

New Mexico traffic law failure to dim lights?

The fine for a ticket for the failure to dim your lights in New Mexico is $60.00. The fine for operating a vehicle without a license is $55.00. Operating a vehicle without insurance is also a fine of $55.00.

Minor in consumption of alcohol is what class?

Class d mistominor could get in a lot of trouble the minor and the person of age supplying the alochol, its a ticket and a fine for the minor i believe and jail time for the adult in most places

If you get a Minor in Possession of Alcohol and the officer didn't give you a breathalyzer before giving you the ticket was he or was he not following proper protocol?

"In both Kansas and Missouri, Minor in Possession (MIP) has been expanded to include "possession by consumption" and appearing "visibly intoxicated." This has made it far easier for officers to charge minors based on breathalyzer testing and even solely on if a minor appears intoxicated.""Any minor under the age of 21 who is found to possess, consume, obtain, purchase or attempt to purchase alcoholic liquor or a cereal malt beverage can be charged with what is commonly known as "Minor in Possession (M.I.P.)", a Class C misdemeanor. Sometimes this is also referred to as a "Minor in Consumption (M.I.C.) where a minor is found to have been drinking but does not have alcohol in his or her possession. They are both the same thing. M.I.P is punishable by a fine of up to $500, 40 hours of community service and the completion of an educational program dealing with the effects of alcohol." "If you live in Kansas or Missouri then he was following proper protocol. I assume it's like this for many other states also.

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