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Check the exhange rate onlne or:

.72 Cdn. cents to $100.00 Guyana Dollars

$208.00 Guyana Dollars to $1.00 Canadian Dollar

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How much is the American dollar worth in Canada?

The American dollar is currently worth 1.0202 in Canada.

How much is a dollar worth in Canada?

A dollar, this is the Canadian currency as well, a dollar.

How much is the US dollar really worth in other countries?

one dollar is worth a little over a dollar in Canada

How much is the 1988 Canada gold dollar worth?

It's made of brass, not gold, and it's worth exactly one dollar in Canada.

How much are 1989 canadian dollar coins worth?

Still worth one dollar each in Canada.

how much is 1988 Canada dollar coin worth?

It's still worth one Canadian dollar.

How much money is a 1990 Canadian dollar worth?

It's still worth exactly one dollar in Canada.

How much does a fijian dollar worth in Canada?

As of November 6, 2008, One Fiji dollar is worth .6618 Canadian dollar. Or: One Canadian dollar is worth $1.5110 Fiji dollar.

How much money is one Canadian dollar worth in Brazil?

how much is five Canada money worth in Brazil

How much is 1966 Canada dollar coin?

How much is my Canadian 1966 elizabeth D.G. Regina dollar coin worth?

How much is American money worth in Canada?

1 U.S dollar is about 80-90 cents in Canada

How much is 1 dollar worth in Canada?

That depends. If you mean 1 Canadian dollar, then it's worth 1 dollar Canadian. If you mean 1 American dollar, it's worth 99 cents Canadian.

How much is a 1993 Canadian 100 dollar gold coin worth?

how much is work 1993 100 dollar gold canada

How much is a 5 dollar bill in Canada worth in America?

Its worth 5 dollars, or if your anal about it $4.83

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