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How much is the highest paid sports college coach paid?


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Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops makes 6,500,000/year

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How much a college football coach makes a year depends on many factors. The highest paid coach was paid $5.5 million.

a college coach earn like 52,000 in a year .

Trinity Conn. Coach is not sure how much.

How much a college soccer coach makes per game depends on the individual school sports team ranking. As of June 3, 2013, this ranges between $5,000 and $15,000. usually depends on where you coach :)

The top coach gets paid around 600k. And most coaches get paid 200-300k and some even less. So not much compared to other sports.

The popular High School and College Sports are Rugby,Football and Hockey. Not Soccer as much.

Bill Belichick became the second highest paid professional coach in 2013 (down from the highest paid the year before) at an estimated $7.5 million annually.

football, swimming, basketball, track, cheer, golf, cross-country. Pretty much what other states have for college sports.

There needs to be a certified teacher as the "coach", but they can hire people who are not certified in addition. You wont make much money though.

The highest paid NFL coach is Bill Billichick, earning over 9 million but the super bowl winning coach earns as much as 12 million

It is not known how much Bret Bielema weights. Bret Bielema is an American college football coach.

In the United States, the salary for a coach driver varies based upon location and experience. The pay averagesÊfrom lowest to highest paidÊhowever, is $21,000 to $59,000.

The average salary of a sports announcer is $80,000 per year. This is the highest paying job in radio or television announcing.

Some of the higher-paid non-athletic sports jobs are TV Broadcasters, sports doctors, trainers and coaches. How much these jobs pay depend on the sport, the team, the location and level of the sport with professional sports having some of the highest paid jobs.

depends on how many years he been there and what college it is but bigger universities around 900k a yr or more depending on the sport not that much to multi million dollar contracts

no more than $500 at George C. Marshall Highschool

As of right now, 6/19, Fabio Capello (italian), England's Three Lion's Coach, is the highest paid coach in the world, making almost three times as much as other national coaches.

Nobody really knows how much coaches/personal trainers get paid. If you are lucky enough to meet an athlete's trainer, ask them... If they want to answer...

The salary of a soccer coach depends on the designation i.e., whether they are teaching Part time, full time or they are a college coach or a high school coach etc etc. So, there are a lot of factors based on which a Soccer coach is paid. So, the salary can range up to anything between $2,000 to $7,000 if you are a High school coach. If its a college Soccer coach, then the salary can range between $3000 to $15000 depending on the experience etc etc. It all depends on the skill set. Its a vague question and has no specific answer.

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