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How much is the minimum wage?


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Minimum wage is determined individually by state. In order to find out what the current minimum wage in your state is, contact the US Department of Labor, which keeps track of all minimum wage law updates.

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how much is the minimum wage in manila

There was no minimum wage in 1910.

The minimum wage in 1970 was $1.65

In 1920, there was no minimum wage.. Simple answer.

There was no minimum wage in 1913. The first minimum wage was not until 1938 and it was 25 cents an hour.

China does not have a nation-wide minimum wage, rather the minimum wage is set locally. In Shanghai, for example, the minimum wage is $293 per month.

how much was the minimum wage in nc 1988

What was minimum wage in 1994 in south carolina

The minimum wage is Oregon, as of 2014, is 9.10 per hour.

Minimum wage in 1972 was $1.60. See U.S. Dept of Labor Wage and Hour Division for a table of minimum wage history since 1938.

Minimum Wage. Jobs in retail (like Staples) pay minimum wage. Look up how much the minimum wage is in your state.

8.00/hr but i live an az 7.80 being minimum wage

It depends which country you mean. Many did not, and still do not have a minimum wage. For those that do it varies.

Tennessee is one of 5 states that has not set a minimum wage. The state would then go by the federal minimum wage. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour effective July 24, 2009.

The minimum wage is $7.25, the same as federal minimum wage.

The federal minimum wage was $5. 15 per hour in 2000. The minimum wage has been slowly increasing since then but has not kept up with inflation.

In the UK there was no minimum wage in 1967. The UK minimum wage came into effect on April the first 1999. The link below provides a wealth of information.

They pay minimum wage. So whatever your states' minimum wage is, that's how much you will get paid hourly.

Just a fancy name for a Janitor. If not minimum wage below minimum wage, $7.50

Washington state has the highest minimum wage - $8.55 per hour.

there was no minimum wage then:)

From 1 Jan to 24 Jan, the minimum wage in 1950 was $0.75. From 25 Jan and forward, the minimum wage was $1.00.(source: US Department of Labor)

Minimum wage is a federal law - every state has to have a minimum wage.

The minimum wage in the state of Idaho is $7.25 an hour, the same as the federal minimum wage. This minimum wage was enacted in 2007.

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