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Fees vary from lot to lot and repossession company to repossession company. I have seen daily rates as low as $10.00 and as high as $150.00. Your best bet is to get the matter resolved as soon as possible and redeem your vehicle.


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no because the storage fee that the finance company charged you was what the repo company charged on the invoice. the finance company had no other reason to charge storage fee's they did not store it

The repo agency will likely charge a "storage fee" for those items when you go to get them back.

There is no fee, just call the storage place and find out what day it is on and go.

The repo company will remove personal items from vehicles they repossess. They'll typically charge a storage fee for you to retrieve those items.

we have a tour bus left here at our location since repairs were completed, 1/05/12 what day can i start charging storage fee, and how much is the limit

The repo company can charge a storage fee for any personal items that were in the truck. If the lender is outside CA, they may not be as familiar with CA repossession law as could be hoped, so you shouldn't rely on what "somebody" there told you. If you feel that the repo company is acting illegally, you should notify the CA Department of Consumer Affairs' Consumer Information Center by calling 1-(800) 952-5210 and requesting a complaint form.

Yes. The repossession fee is like a tow bill. They did pick up the vehicle. The storage fee is the time it takes to get the vehicle off of their lot. Each day adds another day of storage fees.

YES, you can. The lender or repo company CANT keep your PP. They may charge you a fee for inventory and storage but they cant keep it.

There is no set fee for a repo. I charged 375.00 per car if it was a good address. 150.00 and up if i had to locate the car. and 1.00 per mile both ways. so a repo could cost 375.00 to 1500.00 easy.This varies by state, company, and voluntary repo vs involuntary repo.I have paid up to 250.00 to have a car taken when the person didn't want to give it up, plus other fees to try to find them, but I have paid 75.00 to have a guy knock on the door and tell the person they were there to repo the car and the person gave it up. Basically just a tow bill.One repossession company in San Diego charges as follows. This is for repo and for impound. $75 for hookup $75 for leaving property $35 per day for storage including day picked up $75 extra if picked up on, if your car is impounded on a Friday afternoon, and you pick it up Saturday morning, you are charged: $75 for hookup $75 for leaving property $70 for storage including day picked up $75 pickup on weekend $295 total. and they had the car less than 24 hours.Car Repossession AnswerThis is how much I was charged from the Repo company in Pittsburg in California. Repossesion fee : $350.00 Storage fee(14 days) : $280.00 Vehicle clean out fee : 25.00 Storage Fee for 2 b: $30.00Total $ 825.00They came 3 o'clock inthe morning to repo and I gave them a key.They did not ask me to clean up my personal belongings. Since there were no important belongings in the car, we did not think about removing those.

YES, its a fee for inventory and storage. as a constructive bailee, they are legally bound to protect your stuff.

If they actually inventoried and bagged your PP yes they can charge a resonable fee.Some dishonest repo people steal your PP or try to charge for getting it yourself.Contact your lender to see if they allow repo guys to charge a fee or if the fee is very high.They are not entitled to hold your PP if they hassle you contact the police.

When my car was impounded it was 150 for the tow and 50 a day for storage. Plus there is a CHP release fee that could be any where from 100-200. my car was towed in winterheaven california

There is a repo fee in every state and it can get quite expensive with vehicle storage etc. between $300.00-$500.00 on average that's on top of what it takes to bring your loan current(if you want your car back).

no they can not they could only put it in storage until u pay ur late fee or until is being sold at action if no action to pay ur over due fee is done in a timely matter

You pay the LENDER what you are behind and the repo fee and go get it.

my car has been held in storage since the 12th of march due to an accident which was'nt my fault,i have since cancelled my claim,but before my car is released back to me i will have to pay a fee for its storage and return to my property,and i was wondering how much it costs per day for storage,as the insurance company have failed to give me any prices. thanks for reading this.

Yes, usually. As long as you can pay the past due balance plus repo fee & storage fees. However, the lender can demand the ENTIRE balance if they want to. (They generally dont)

You much go to the inpound lot and pay a fee to get the car back and if it is in there again for the same reason you will not get it back ever.

You would have to check your state's laws on the subject, but it probably is. If they were storing and safeguarding the property for you they are probably eligible to charge something for it.

Yes, and very often you will be. Storage fees are the right of the repo agency. They are keeping your property for you, and it is taking up space on their property. Not to mention creating the situation where they have to protect your property from theft or damage. If you want you property back, you will have to pay the fee. There is no choice. It is possible you could wait thirty days for them to determin it is unclaimed, and perhaps they will throw it out. You could pick it out of their trash then. If there is anything valuable though, I doubt it will make it to the trash. Likely as not it will be sold to cover the cost of your negligence.

It belongs to the lender and YOU get to store until they come pick it up. yes...but dont forget to let them know you will be charging them a $60 a day storage fee, just like you would get charged.

The late fee for movies is $1 per day over due.

To get it back, you pay the amount you are behind or the payoff on the loan, whichever the LENDER wants. AND storage fees.

if you are an individual simply storing it in your garage, good luck. However, if a business, such as an auto repair shop has the item, the company will likely nweed to pay them the storage fee and tack the amount onto the repo charges

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