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It is a problem if his buddy time cuts into plans you had with him, or if he never wants to cancel out on his friends on occasion to do something with you.

Don't nag about it--instead, make plans with him to go to movies/restaurants by yourselves, and make it clear that you enjoy being alone with him at times.

To be honest, if he has been hanging out his friends all the time since you started dating him, it would be unrealistic to suddenly start expecting him to change now.

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What if you have a crush on your friends boyfriend?

Stop hanging out with him.

How do you tell if my boyfriend is trying to isolate you from your friends?

no hanging out

What do you do when your boyfriend over react when he think that you hanging around another boy more than you hanging around him?

If your boyfriend overreacts because you're hanging around another boy more than him, tell him that you're just friends and you can spend more time with him, but you won't give up your friends.

What to do if your friend is mad at you for hanging around there boyfriend?

Hanging out and flirting are different, but there is a very fine line between the two. When your friend is in a relationship, you need to respect that.

Vicki streeton favourite hobbies are from lockie Leonard?

Hanging out with her friends, and her boyfriend Lockie. Smoking, taking rides in her friends cars.....

Your friends boyfriend is alway hanging out with you what should you do?

Sit Him Down And Tell Him You Guys Are Just Friends. He Should Understand And If He Doesnt Dont Worry About It.

How do you get an ex boyfriend back?

start by being friends with him again. Start by also by just hanging out with him and his friends. and get into things that he likes. and dont rush things!

How do you tell if your boyfriend is jellies of you hanging out with your guy friends?

he gets mad when u go out starts asking questions

What is a boyfriend girlfriend relationship in 7th grade?

um going to movies hanging out together wat ever your parents are comfortable with

How is hanging with friends scientific?

Hanging with friends is like organisms in a community.

What do you do when your hanging out with your boyfriend and his friends?

There isn't much you can do when hanging out with your boyfriend and his friends. Generally males talk about sports; cars; etc., and it would be boring for you so it would be wise to let him see his friends alone and you can go out with girlfriends. If you don't wish to do this and prefer being with your boyfriend and his friends then be prepared to be a good listener and if they get on the topic of great bands or movies then you can perhaps get into the conversation.

What does it mean to have a dream of hanging out with friends?

Not all dreams have deep significance. A dream of hanging out with friends represents the relaxation and pleasure of hanging out with friends.

What do you do when you find out your boyfriend has secretly been hanging out with his ex a lot?

Ask your boyfriend personally, if he has extra feelings for his ex. But be patient maybe he's friends with her. Don't jump to conclusions.

What does it mean if you and your ex boyfriend are stills friends and go out from time to time?

It means you are friends and enjoy one anothers company. You like just hanging out you're just friends and there is nothing else to say.

Is your ex boyfriend depressed or sad when you ask him how he has been and he answers hanging in there?

Chances are he is sad as feelings don't just go away overnight - hanging in there means he is still getting over your relationship but moving forward.

If i wanted a boyfiredand went to an all girl's school and am kinda fat and shy What should I do?

Start working out, eating right, etcetera, then that will also boost your confidence. To get the boyfriend start hanging out with friends who hang around with guys develop a relationship with one and have fun.

Can you give an example of a sentence using deterioate?

Hanging out with bad friends will deteriorate anyone's ethics.His relationship with her deteriorated after he found out she was cheating on him.

What do you do if there is a girl that is the most beautiful girl that you have ever seen in your life and seems interested in you too but you dont know her and she has a boyfriend?

Start hanging out with her. Just start out as friends try to hang out and all. She might start to take you in. Get some friends to mess around with the boyfriend

What is a girls favorite thing to do?

a girls favorite thing to do is shopping or hanging out with you or her friends. SHOPPING Hanging out with friends!

If dating means hanging out with girlfriend or boyfriend then if you hang out for movie or dinner with friends-parents-siblings that also mean date with friends or parents or siblings?

a girlfriend/boyfriend is someone you're not related to and someone you like more than a friend. yes, you might go to a movie with your family or friends, but it's not quite the same as going with a girlfriend/boyfriend

How do you get rid of jealousy?

Well, their are different kinds of jealousy 1-friends 2-popular crowds 3-boyfriend and girlfriend. Friends-just pretend like the persons not there Popular Crowds- just stay true to yourself, you're probably better than them in one way or another Boyfriend&Girlfriend- if your boyfriend is hanging around another girll, just tell him how you feel. if your girlfriend is hanging around another boy, tell her how you feel.

What should you do if your boyfriend says he is over his ex girlfriend but you see them hanging out together still?

just calmly ask him whats going on maybe their just friends

What should i do if my boyfriend was hanging out with his friends as girls that he used to like for a few month's should i be worried?

ask him wats going on and if you catch him cheatin, just dump him.

What do you do if your boyfriend doesn't want you hanging out with your best friend who's a boy?

Never ever leave a friend for a partner; you never know when you might need your friends.

How do you find if your boyfriend is cheatin on you?

well if your boyfriend is cheating on you then he wouldent be spending time whith you hed be getting out of the house a lot not hanging out whith you so if he is then ask all your friends who there going out whith then stock him so ya!!!:)