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How much is tuition at duke university per semester?

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For the 2010-2011 school year: In-State Tuition Undergraduate Lower Division - $4,305.00 (Per Semester) Out-of-State Tuition Undergraduate Lower Division - $8,839.00 (Per Semester) In-State Tuition Undergraduate Upper Division - $4,429.50 (Per Semester) Out-of-State Tuition Undergraduate Upper Division - $8,957.00 (Per Semester)

ow much is the tuition fee per semester at Bulacan State University Information technology?Read more: How_much_is_the_tuition_fee_per_semester_at_Bulacan_State_University_Information_technology

Current tuition and fees at Duke University are $43,623 per year.

Tuition for a typical on-campus semester at syracuse university costs $34,970. It does not include the costs of housing, meals, extra miscellaneous fees, travel costs (for study abroad), and books and supplies.

The University of Tennessee's tuition prices are listed on their website.

Your tuition will depend on the number of credits you are taking, as Devry charges by the credit. Credits 1-11 are $570 each per semester, and credits 12 and above are $360 each per semester.

How much the tuition fee in the University of the Assumption, Pampanga, the Philippines, depends upon the type of course. As of May 27, 2014, the tuition fee for a Bachelor's degree is P 25,000 - 37,000 per semester while for a Master's degree the fee is P 12,000 per semester.

Tuition= 37630 Room= 5360 Board= 4820 Books= 2940 TOTAL- 50750

When i was a student, my tuition was 14k(first year, first sem).. Then every semester it goes up.. At fourth year second sem. my tuition was somewhere at 23k..

There are no standardized tuition and fee rates. Each college or university will have their own rates. Thus, the tuition and fee rates can vary greatly depending on the institution.

The tuition fee for all colleges is depending on the units you are taking plus the miscellaneous fees.

An acronym for Queensland University of Technology, the Australian university QUT charges variable tuition based on the study. For example, an undergraduate degree in Mass Communication costs $3700 Australian per semester. Biomedical science costs $4100 per semester and so on.

Depending on the school you choose tuition will be about $2500 per semester.

Basically ranges from 25,000-30,000 pesos per semester

About $55,000.00 a year for everything.

An academic year (usually a university) is divided into two semesters, therefore one semester is equal to 6 months of the year.

The current tuition is about $52,000.

For an undergraduate student, one semester of tuition at UFL will cost $6,170. For a graduate student, one semester of tuition at UFL will cost $12,590. It is important to keep in mind that there are other costs, such as living and dining, that will need to be paid for.

The tuiton for Indiana university northwest is about 2,500 a semester for 12 credit hours.Tthats considered full time there. That does not include books, parking permit, ect.

40,000 a year so, 40,000 x 4 160,000 that's only tuition

how much your tuition fee in ama regalado

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