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xbox's come with hard drives. the only one that doesn't would be the arcade version which is 200 dollars

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Q: How much is xbox 360 without hard drive?
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How much memory does an xbox 360 arcade have without a hard drive?


Do original Xbox games work with the Xbox 360?

Only if you have a hard drive. Otherwise they will not work without a hard drive.

What is the difference between Xbox 360 and Xbox arcade?

The Xbox Arcade is an Xbox 360 and it comes without a hard drive. What you are calling an Xbox 360 I'm assuming comes with a hard drive and if you are thinking of buying an Xbox I recommend not buying the arcade as you cannot save games without a hard drive.

Can you play an xbox 360 without a hard drive?

yes you can play an xbox without a hard drive because the game console has its own memory but the memory is small so you will be ablwe to save your games but not be able to download or store music of the xbox without a hard drive

How much is a xbox hard drive?

about £60

Which is best Xbox 360 or Xbox arcade?

An xbox arcade IS an xbox 360, just without the hard drive.

Can the xbox360 arcade play xbox games?

If you have a hard drive, Yes. Otherwise you cannot play original Xbox games. without a hard drive.

Can you get your Xbox 360 to play Xbox games without a hard drive?

In short: no. The Xbox 360 has to install an original Xbox emulator program to run the Xbox games. It stores this emulation software on the hard drive.

How much memory does a xbox 360 have without hdd?

Your X box 360 has 4 GB memory without a hard drive.

What is the difference between the Xbox 360 Arcade and Xbox 360?

The xbox arcade has no hard drive , but a small built in memory and the normal xbox has a much bigger hard drive.

Can you put Original Xbox Discs in the Xbox 360 without having a hard drive?

Yes, but you must have a hard drive to play them. And note that you will be disconnected from Xbox Live while playing it.

Can you burn a game to your XBOX 360 hard drive and play it from your hard drive without the disk?

no, you need the disk

How much gb is the hard drive of a Xbox 360 arcade?

The xbox 360 arcade unit does not come with a hard drive. It comes with a memory card, but not a hard drive. You can buy one for you Xbox 360 Arcade, however.

Will a xbox 360 without a hard drive play dvds?

No. No it won't.

Can you put a xbox 360 elite 120 gb hard drive on a xbox 360 pro without deleting memory?

take off the elites hard drive off the back of the xbox and snap it on the other xbox

How many games does a Xbox 360 60 gb hard-drive hold?

How much can the XBOX 360 20GB hard drive hold?

Can you download demos on Xbox live without hard drive?

No. The Only way to download demo's is to either pay for a brand new Xbox elite for 300$ and make sure it has a flash drive or you could plug a hard drive into the back of your Xbox and the file would be on your hard drive. But you could only play the demo with the hard drive in.

How much is transfer cable for the Xbox hard drive?


How much memory does a 60gb Xbox 360 have without a hard drive?

Your question is really confusing. The Xbox without the harddrive is 4GB. The one with the built in Harddrive(The $300+ one) is like 162 GBs.

How much memory does a xbox 360 have?

The memory cards have 125MB, and the hard drive has 60GB. Without either of these, you can't store memory.

How much does an Xbox 360 cost in US?

An Xbox 360 without a hard drive or any games costs about $200. An Xbox 360 kinect bundle costs around $300. Also some special limited edition Xbox consoles and consoles with more hard drive space cost around $300.

Will battlefield 4 be on the xbox 360 without a hard drive?

You have got to buy a hard drive to be able to play battlefield 4(if you have 4GB)

Where to buy an hard drive for xbox 360 slim?

You can buy a Xbox 360 s hard drive from the Xbox website.

Does the Xbox have a hard-drive?

The Xbox original does a hard drive like any other console. The Xbox 360 however is portable and can be changed.

How how much do Xbox 360 cost with a harddrive cost in America?

an xbox 360 with a 60 gb hard drive costs $300 and a xbox 360 with a 120 gb hard drive costs $400