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Pretty sure it is $9.95 Dollars a month Gold membership, and $7.95 per month Silver. Gold membership gives you everything Silver does, but you can chat online with people and gives you a few other important benefits. I would definitely recommend getting it, as it makes the Xbox 360, so much more fun.

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How can you sign in to Xbox live?

When signing up to Xbox live, you will be setting up a gamer profile etc. After all this, you can just select your Xbox live gamertag and it will sign in automatically.

Can you sign up for Xbox live and then unhook it from your computer and still play Xbox live?


Do you need a ea xbox live accout to play xboxlive with ea games?

You will need to sign up to EA, if you sign up with your xbox live email account, most games will automatically sign you up for the online game.

When does the time start for xbox live?

As soon as you sign up

How do you hook up Xbox 2 Xbox live?

go to your settings hook up the internet, then sign in to your profile you want to be made into live, press join Xbox live! and follow the steps!

Do i need Xbox live to watch netflix on my Xbox 360?

Unfortunately, yes. You might have to sign up for Microsoft then go to xbox and click 'join xbox live'.

Do you need xbox live to go on uplay?

No. You can just sign up.

How do you use a Xbox live account you made online.. how do you get it to your Xbox?

On you're Xbox when you start it up it will ask you to sign in. Sign in using the info you used to actually create the account.

When can you start an xbox live silver membership card?

Simply go to sign up for Xbox Live and when choosing your payment select "Silver Membership".

How do you play guest on halo reach with free membership?

Well, you have to first buy and membership. You can find them at like target or gamestop. Then once you have sign up your membership on your xbox you can sign yourself in to xbox live. If you have another player that's playing on your xbox with you you can sign them into guest live. Only two people can play live on the same xbox with halo reach.

How do you get Xbox live in your Xbox360?

Firstly connect your Xbox 360 to the internet via wireless or wired. When you have done this, you will need to sign up for Xbox live, this is on the dashboard, something called join xbox live. Go through the setup and you will you will be live. You will need a Xbox live gold membership to be fully online.

Where can you get Xbox live from?

If you have an internet connection hooked up to your Xbox 360, you can click on your profile and click the button that says 'Sign Up for Xbox Live'. After that, you can either pay for a Gold subscription using a credit card, or you can redeem a code if you have bought an Xbox Live Gold Subscription Card.

I signed up for xbox live on a computer and I dont remember anything about free xbox live gold for a month now ive got an xbox how do i get that free month on this account?

simply make a new account sign up for xbox live when it ask if you have a subscription card click i dont have a card and it will tell you you are eligible for a free month of xbox live

How do you get Xbox live to work on your Xbox?

get a windows live account and sign up at and type that in on your e-mail is if you want to say thanks.

How do you sign into Xbox Live through your PC?

You have to have your e-mail and password you setted up the account with then go to and click on sign in.

How do you get the Xbox live membership?

You first either get a wireless adapter or a wired cord for xbox live. Then you sign up on xbox live's website. Then you go to the store and buy a membership. finally you enter the code onto your xbox from the membership.

Do you have to have a Windows Live account to have Xbox Live account?

Yes you do, but when you sign up it creates one for you. You can use any email address to sign up just as long as you can receive the confirmation email.

Is it free of of cost to sign up for PlayStation network?

Yes you only pay for internet service and there are no sign up or monthly charges like for the Xbox Live

Where could you buy Xbox live?

If you've got an Xbox 360, you can purchase Xbox Live from the Dashboard. To do this, simply sign up for a Gold Account, as opposed to a Silver Account which is free. I believe you can also purchase Xbox Live cards from Gamestop at the same price.

How can you have two Xbox live accounts on one Xbox?

bring up the guide and press sign out then press the guide again and press create account if you have a standard xbox then you will have three 1 month live trials

Is a widows live account needed for a Xbox live gold subscription card?

Yes, you need a windows live ID to sign up for xboxlive.

How much memory do xbox live use?

Xbox Live doesn't take up any memory. Only the things you download from the marketplace fill up your storage.

Where do you sign up for xbox?

How can you get Xbox live for the Xbox 360?

1.Connect your xbox 360 to the internet. 2. Sign up for a Xbox LIVE Account 3. Go to Gamestop or something and get an Xbox LIVE Gold Card. 4. Buy a game there while you are there. 5. Redeem the card and play Online Multiplayer with your friends! ENJOY!

How much memory does Minecraft take up when you download it on xbox?

The Xbox Live Arcade says it is 113.21 MB

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