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How much is your cheer ghost dark master worth?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:15:38

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Less than one Australian dollar. The reason for this is because there is no such thing as a CHEER GHOST DARK MASTER in yugioh, unless you are looking at a counterfeit card. I think you must be thinking about CHEER CHOST DARK MASTER. Which is still not a real card. Try selling it on eBay for 5 AU. Maybe if you did this someone in the world would come along and buy it. Sorry to tell you this. :(

2011-09-13 04:15:38
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Q: How much is your cheer ghost dark master worth?
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What do you tribute to summon cheer ghost dark master?

It's a fake card, it's not real.

Can dark hole destroy cheer chost dark master?

Cheer Chost Dark Master is not a real card; therefore, the answer to this question cannot be determined.

How much is a exodia the dark master worth?

The card named 'Exodia the Dark Master' is a counterfeit card, and not worth anything.

What is super-effective against ghost?

Ghost and Dark.

How much is the yu gi oh card Dark Master worth?


What are some dark Pokemon?

Dark and Ghost, unless its dual type, these are the main ghost types and there weaknessess Gengar, Ghastly and Haunter=dark, ghost and psycic Drifblim and Drifloon= dark, ghost, rock and electric Giratina= dark, dragon, ghost and ice Spiritomb and Sableye= Nothing!!

What types are spiritomb?

Spiritomb is a dark ghost, as I call it. It's types are ghost and dark, meaning that it has no weaknesses just like sableye which is also a dark ghost

What effect's ghost Pokemon?

ghost dark

What is the weakness of dark and ghost type pokemon?

Dark is weak to fighting and fairy. Ghost is weak to other ghost types.

Why are ghost Pokemon weak to dark Pokemon?

Because Ghost Pokemon can't see in the dark.

What is super effective to ghost type?

Ghost and dark

What is ghost Pokemon weak to?

Ghost, dark, and bug.

How do you harm a ghost?

With a ghost or dark type move.

What type is super effective on ghost?

ghost and dark

What are ghost types weak against?

Dark, and ghost.

What Pokemon beats dark type?

they are weak to fighting and bug. They are immune to psychic. They resist dark and ghost. They have no weaknesses if they are dark and ghost.

What is the weakness of ghost type Pokemon?

Ghost Is Weak To Itself (Ghost) And Dark.

What are ghost types weak to?

Dark and ghost. Yes, ghost is weak to itself.

Is exzodia the dark master fake or not?

Yes it is fake, there is no such card as Exodia the Dark Master

Is Exodia the Dark Master real?

No, there is no authentic card called "Exodia the Dark Master".

What is the duration of Twilight of the Dark Master?

The duration of Twilight of the Dark Master is 2700.0 seconds.

Does dark types move work on ghost type?

Of course they do! Also, dark is super-effective on ghost.

What are ghost PokΓ©mon's weaknesses?

It's weeknesses are ghost and dark.

What is super effective against ghost?

Dark and ghost type.

What is super effective against ghost Pokemon?

Ghost and dark.