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Q: How much is your sig 229 9mm used worth?
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How much is a used Ruger P95 9mm stainless worth?


How much is your 9mm desert eagle worth?

There's no such thing as a 9mm Desert Eagle.

How much is a used firestorm 9mm compact pistol matte finish worth?

200 or so

How much is a Bryco 59 9mm worth?

50-100 USD

How much is a used Taurus PT 92 AFS 9mm worth?

50-300 USD or so

What is a Rugger P93 9mm worth used?

350 USD

How much is a smithwesson sve 9mm worth?

40-400 usd

How much is a Manurhin PPKS 9mm worth?

100-400 USD

How much is a high point carbine 9mm rifle worth?

about 120

How much is 9mm black talon worth?

$30-$35 a box

How much is a HI-Point 9mm pistol worth?


How much is a hi point 9mm pistol worth?


How much is a Taurus 9mm pt111 millennium worth?

350$ to 420$

Can you use sig 229 .40 mags in a sig 228 in 9mm?

No. The mags for the 9mm are different than the mags for a .40 S&W

How much is a 1918 German luger 9mm worth?

$5500 in excellent condition

How much is a Beretta 9mm compact L in good condition worth?


How much is a ruger P89 DC 9mm worth?

100-400 US Dollars.

How much is a Browing 9MM Belgium Worth?

Depending EXACTLY on what you have 100-multiple thousands.

How much is a smith and Wesson 9mm mod 3953 worth?

50-400 usd

How much is a smith and Wesson 5904 9mm worth?

50-350 USD or so

How much is a browning 9mm worth?

50-1000 USD and up depending on specifics.

How much worth of smith and Wesson model 469 9mm?

50-400 usd

How much is my walther pp 9mm kruz made in west Germany worth?

Depending on condition, around $800. And that is 9mm Kurz (German for short)

How much is a Tanfoglio Witness 9 mm handgun worth?

i recently bought a 9mm tanfoglio handgun for 350$ it was used but had never been fired

How much is a p89 Ruger 9mm revovler worth in Dec 09?

100-400 or so