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usually it holds about 1-2 gallons

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How much liquid does a average punch bowl hold?

two and a half gallons

How large is a punch bowl?

depends, how much punch do you have?

How much volume will one gram of water have?

It depends all on the container holding the water. A cup, bowl or anything else that can hold a liquid.

What is a set FB Rogers punch bowl tray and 20 cups worth?

i have a punch bowl set from f.b. rogers. It is missing a cup and laddle. How much is it worth. good condition.

How much punch to serve 300 people at a wedding reception with other beverages available?

You'll need an extra large punch bowl.

How much water does a toilet bowl hold?

There are many designs and sizes of toilet bowl, but in general they hold about 3 litres of water.

How much liquid can the bladder hold?


How much liquid does a flagon hold?


How much liquid can a paper towel hold?

the dimond shape things help t hold the mositer and that how paper towels hold thir liquid

How much water does a rice bowl hold?

around 250ml

How much water can a sponge hold?

the sponge can hold up to about 40 percent of the water from the bowl.

How much liquid will a teaspoon hold?

a teaspoon full

What does diapers absorbency mean?

how much liquid it can hold

How much liquid can a soda can hold?

It tells you on the can. Normally they hold 8 fluid ounces

How much water does the inside of the toilet bowl hold?

About 3 litres.

How much liquid can a stomach hold?

1.5 liters of liquid and 2-4 liters of food

How much liquid does the human body hold?

The human body holds 66% of liquid or water

How are volume and capacity alike?

Volume is how much cubic units could hold, and capacity is how much an object can hold a liquid.

How much liquid does a ordinary drinking glass hold?


How much liquid can an adult stomach hold?

1.5 ml

How much liquid can a paint bucket hold?

5 gals

How much water does an average sized kettle hold?

Most kettles hold about a liter of liquid.

How much is antique silver punch bowl worth?

The value of an antique silver punch bowl depends on a number of different things. If the punch bowl is solid silver, it will be worth more than if it is just silver plated. It will also be worth more if it was made by a well-known maker and if it is in very good condition. It may be worth anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars depending on these and other factors.

How much liquid does a soda bottle hold?

Around 350 ml

How much weight does the shamwow hold?

20 times its weight in liquid