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about $20. Not much Answer: To care for or to purchase? To purchase, it varies. I bought my first rabbit for $5 as she was being sold as a feeder rabbit. I adopted her current husbun from a rescue for $170. To care for varries also, its not cheap. You have to purchase toys, hay, a lot of litter, vegetables, pellets, vet visits, etc.

My girl is a special needs bunny and costs me about $10,000 a year to take care of.

My boy costs me maybe $2,000 a year. not even.

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How much are rabbits?

If you are asking how much money they are you have come to the right place!! ○Rabbits usally cost around 60$-100$ (if your buying them as pets)

Pat has 18 rabbits which he is selling for 2.99 eachhow much money will he earn if he sells all 18 rabbits?


How much money do Holland Lop rabbits cost?

they are around $15-$30

is it how much do your rabbits or rabbit's eat in one day?

it is rabbits

How much does Rabbits weigh?

Rabbitsrabbits weigh up to 15 kg

Do you make money breeding rabbits?


How much is a rabbits cadge?

The price verys on the size of the cage..... The bigger the cage the more money..... The smaller the cage the less money.... And also if the cage comes with acessorys it will be more

How much do rabbits cost at petsmart?

i don't think they sell rabbits

Will beagles get along with rabbits?

They like rabbits very much --- for dinner.

Why do rabbits reproduce so much?

because they breed like rabbits

Do dwarf rabbits teeth grow as much as normal rabbits teeth?


How much do rabbits give you in Farmville?

you get 60 coins in 4 days with the rabbits

How much are rabbits at petland?

I advise you to not get rabbits from petstores unless you are going to spay/neuter it .

How much percent of a rabbits body is water?

A rabbits body is 65-70% water

How much do you get for baby rabbits?

It really all depends on the number of rabbits you are selling and how old they are.

How often do rabbits eat?

Rabbits each as much as 5 times a day or whenever their hungry.

How much do rabbits usually cost on Howrse?

Rabbits cost 4000e in the equestrian centre shop.

How much do pets at home take for rabbits?

the ones that are allergic to every animal except rabbits

What fruits do rabbits eat the most?

Rabbits like almost all fruits. Rabbits will usually eat whatever fruits are available to them. Rabbits can get sick from eating too much fruit, so people who have pet rabbits should strictly limit how much fruit they get. See the related questions below for more info.

Are male rabbits territorial?

male rabbits are territorial some of the time but not as much as female rabbits they can be very aggressive when it comes to things like that .male rabbits are mostly calm unless it comes to female rabbits which could be a BIG problem

How much do baby rabbits weigh?

they weigh about to 2-3 pounds and the average for rabbits are 20 lbs.

Do rabbits eat lettuse?

Rabbits will eat lettuce, but don't feed them to much because they could get sick.

What does it mean when a rabbit gnaws on your shirt?

I don't know much about rabbits, but I'm guessing the rabbits hungry...

How much do rabbits cost in England?

From a general pet shop most rabbits will cost around £30.

Are rabbits fat?

I would not call rabbits fat i would call them plump.... But rabbits can get fat if u dont play with them enough and if u feed them to much...