Assassins Creed 2

How much money can you carry in assassins creed 2?

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assassins creed 2 has definatly a larger map but the kill streaks are much better on assassins creed brotherhood but the story line is alot better in assassins creed 2 hope you have fun with assassins creed 2 or brotherhood ;)

Assassins Creed Bloodlines is 5 weeks after Assassins Creed 1. This is what happened to Altair before he dies. Assassins Creed 2 is a completely different thing. The main story is the same but the story of the main characters, Altair and Ezio, are very different. Assassins Creed Bloodlines does not have the Animus in it as much as Assassins Creed 1 & 2

if you are referring to where it shows you how much money you have, it stands for florin. that's the currency

Assassin's Creed: Revelations retails for $59.99.

Assassin's Creed 2 is a very good game and a brilliant story line. Assassins Creed Brotherhood is worse but the better thing is that you get to call Assassins's i personaly think that AC2 is much better!!!!

Currently it is around $56.99-$59.99

Just as much as the first one

United States of America- $29.00

I personally believe that Assassin's Creed is a much more enjoyable game.

Yes, Assassins Creed is much more fun and has much better story line than Call of Duty: Black Ops. Call of duty itself has begun going downhill.

Assassins grossed $83,306,268 worldwide.

1 - less then 20 2 - around 50-60

The second one is outdated now :) Revelations is much better to buy now. But if you do want to follow the story (Which is awesome) You should get the second one first.

Assassins grossed $30,306,268 in the domestic market.

Not much. But there is a mission where you play as Desmond in the beginning of the game and it is quiet long.

I got mine for $35 and $30 is probably the lowest it will go

Does it really matter? Its a single player game, therefore no-one knows

in my opinion, assassins creed has a much better story and plot and such. i disliked fallout NV because of how little direction they provide so doing quests got annoying pretty fast. assassins creed however, is more direct and more plot driven.

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