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The profit of mowing lawns is the difference between your expenses and your income. You will probably have many "fixed" costs (machinery, transportation, insurance, license), which are the same regardless of how many customers you have, and "operating costs" (fuel, dump fees, maintenance, helpers wages, parking tickets), which vary according to how many customers (and how much work) you have. The goal is to cover your fixed costs over a projected period (say, 5 years or less) and set your hourly or per-customer price based upon a realistic assessment of your competition and your own skills and energy. In no case should you set your price so low that you can't cover your operating costs and a pro rated portion of the fixed costs, otherwise you'll be losing money forever. As for what you might charge a given customer, one opinion is that: "IT IS OBVIOUSLY WHAT THE PERSON SAYS... YOU WOULD HAVE TO NEGOTIATE AND YOU MIGHT BE MOWING MORE THAN 1 PERSONS LAWN AT A TIME. EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT.... JUST NEGOTIATE TO THE HIGHEST PRICE!!" However, this ignores the fact that the market will determine the going rate for similar services in your area. If your customers are unwilling to pay your rates, and the rates are reasonable, then don't take the job. Alternatively, if you don't have enough customers, you could choose a different market or else lower your rates (or offer additional services) to a point where your services are again competitive.

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Q: How much money can you earn mowing lawns?
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