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about 5 per week

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Q: How much money can you get back by recycling empty aluminum cans?
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How much money do you get for recycling aluminum cans in Illinois?

In Illinois you will get 5 cents back per can that you turn in. Most can redemption centers will require they be empty and not crushed so be sure to check what their rules are before taking cans to them.

How does recycling aluminium save money?

recycling saves money because in some places city councils will pay you a certain amount for every object you recycle for example in Oregon you get 5 cents for every plastic bottle you recycle. The same goes for other things such as aluminum cans but the money payed back to you varies from object to object and place to place. It's amazing how many things you can recycle these days.

Can you recycle Marie calender pie pans for money?

It is doable because the pie pans are of recyclable material. The pie pan is made of tin or aluminum. This material is recyclable, therefore it yields cash back.

How can you make money by recycling ink cartridges?

Return them to Tescos via their freepost service - £1.00 for each recyclable one sent back

Where can I order cheap ink cartridges for my Canon printer?

You can look for coupons or sales online, as well as consider recycling your old cartridges. Many manufacturers offer recycling programs where, after a number of cartridges are recycled, the consumer gets money back and can use the money to buy more ink.

I bought a camera from Currys when I got home I found the box to be empty. What are my options?

you go back and talk to the manger and say i opened the box and it was empty can i get my money back and i want to buy another one with my camera inside the box

How much does a 150 gal aluminum fuel tank weigh empty?

I just bought one and I lifted it up myself to get it in the back of my dodge. I'd say around100 lbs.

What happens when you recyclle?

A lot of very good things. First, the volume of trash in landfills and garbage dumps decreases because you are putting less stuff in them. Second, the material is put back into use, which decreases the amount of raw material (wood, fossil fuels, metal ores) that need to be harvested from the environment. Third, you set an example to people around you, helping to create a culture in which recycling is the norm rather than the exception. Recycling a single aluminum can and turning it back into a new aluminum can takes 97% less energy than it does to mine, refine and process the same amount of raw aluminum ore.

How much do you get for recycling aluminum cans?

One can is worth 5 cents.One can tab is worth about 0.04 cents, (100 tabs sell for 4 cents) so keep the tab on the can.In some places you pay a deposit, maybe 5 cents for each can when you purchase it, and you essentially get back your 5 cents when recycling the can.

The process of taking back the resource in a product?


What happens to plastic bottles when recycled?

Collectors empty all of the recycling bins and bring the material back to the Recycling Center. After we ship them to the market, the plastic bottles are chipped into small flakes, washed, melted and turned into pellets which are sold the plastic bottle manufacturers who make new bottles or other plastic products.

Is extracting aluminum by electrolysis expensive?

i think it's same as extracting other metals because it demands same types of chemicals and instruments. in a differing opinion: Aluminum is extracted from refined bauxite (alumina - Al2O3) through an electro-chemical process. It is extremely expensive to produce primary aluminum due to the large amounts of electricity required to break apart the aluminum molecules from the oxygen molecules and keep it from back reacting. Recycling of aluminum is only about 5% of the cost of primary aluminum production in electrical energy.

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