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It depends on who signed it, I'd wait a few years before you sell it. The longer you wait the more money you will get. :)

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Q: How much money could I sell a good condition autographed Lego Universe game for?
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How much money is an autographed 2001 Jeremy McGrath poster worth?

Many of the autographed poster are worth prices close to $75 each. The exact price will depend upon the actual poster and its condition.

What is the value of an autographed Gilles Gilbert card?

Alot of money

Is a 23 year old fender worth any money?

if it is in good condition it could be worth a whole lot of money

What is the value of 1963 Packers Play of the Year football card autographed by Vince Lombardi?

a lot of money i am guessing, but i would hold onto it for a bit longer, because you could get a lot more money later on.

How much money is a Bob Clarke autographed puck?

Depending upon the style of puck you have and it's condition I would estimate that a Clarke autographed puck to be worth about 30 dollars on the low and 50 on the high end of the scale. These are readily available on most auction sites and I have seen them sell for as low as 15 dollars.

How much money is an autographed david ortiz baseball bat?

5 dollars

How much money is a autographed Devin Wyman football card worth?

for me it was free

What is the value of a Super Bowl XXXII football autographed by Brett Favre?

A football signed by Brett Favre can fetch quite a bit of money depending on its condition. The football in question is valued at approximately 400 USD.

How much money is an 1833 quarter and is in mint condition?

If the coin is in original condition an is uncirculated it could sell for more then 400.00 from a dealers point of view.

What is the value of a basketball autographed by Jordan pippen kukoc kerr rodman?

a lot of money

Is a autographed football cap by Kurt warner worth money?

Yes it is worth some money. Approx. $100-$200 depending on the year and condition. Some people may only pay 50 bucks for it so depending where you sell it you can make a couple hundred dollars:P

How much money can you get for an autographed Billy Cyrus CD?

it will sell. but you could buy it on eBay for cheaper than what you wanted to sell it. if i were you i would keep it and sell it when billy ray dies then you would get more money than if you sold it now.

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