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WWII cost Japan approximately $41,272,000,000.

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Q: How much money did Japan spend on their military in World War 2?
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How much money in total did japan spend in World War 2?

Approximately $41,272,000,000.

How much money did the US spend on Japan after World War 2?

The US spent about 61 billion dollars on the war with Japan

How much money does Spain spends in the military?

how mich money does Spain spend on their military

How much money does the UK spend on their military?


What did the roman spend its tax money on?

Infrastructure and military.

Why is north Korea such a poor country?

Because they spend most of their money on soldiers and their military and not food. They overused their money on military.

How much money does Norway spend on the military?

Norway spends about 1.9% of it's GDP on the military.

Why the United States is spending money on the military?

All countries spend money on their military. It is usually the main government funding priority, regardless of which country it is.

How much money spend destroy by Tsunami in Japan 2011?

$24.7 billion

How much money does the government spend on the military in a day?

27 billion dollars .

What are three things the government should spend more money on?

education, healthcare, military

How much money does Japan spend on education?

about 139 billion in 2001. so they probably spend about 139 billion and between 200 billion.

What are Japan's armed forces?

I am not sure which era you are asking about. During World War II, for example, Japan was part of the Axis, along with Germany and Italy. Japan's military was capable of delivering devastating attacks: in fact, the Imperial Japanese Navy mounted a surprise assault on a US naval base at Pearl Harbor (in Hawaii) in December 1941 that led the United States to enter the war. After Japan and the other axis powers were defeated in 1945, their Imperial Military was dismantled. Japan subsequently established a new military-- called the Japan Self-Defense Forces, which were mainly empowered with maintaining peace and order, rather than embarking on any aggressive maneuvers against other countries. These days, Japan's current prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has gradually begun to spend more money on purchasing new military equipment and enhancing the country's defense, although certainly not to the degree that was seen during World War II.

What countries spend the most money on military?

The United States spends the most on military but Germany have been improving there military standers a few years after the death of Hitler

How did Canada do in World War I?

spend money

Should the us spend money researching how to fight and kill?

why do they need to....thats what the military is for...and google helps with that also.

What are the powers congress has in conducting military affairs?

To declare war, prohibit certain military actions, spend or withhold money for defense, etc...

What legacy did the World War 2 leave?

World War II was important because it gave millions of people jobs which gave them money to spend. As a final restult America emerged as a leading economic and military power.

Why is US called the world's superpower?

Because of our large investment in the military, and all that goes with it. The weapons, the men and women ready to go to war, and the money we are ready to spend to insure victory.

What do the world health organisation spend their money on?


How much money did America spend on Ice Cream in 2007?

roughly 20 billion. Enough money to provide everyone in the world with clean water and food. How do we spend our money?

How much did US spend to rebuild Japan after World War 2?

10 Billion

What country spends the most money on defense in a year?

The usa spends more money on defense then all other countries around the world combined. In 2007 the world spent over 900 billion for military defense. The usa spend 700 billion of the 900 billion. That's why the world has a hard time trusting the usa.

What is the most feared country in the world?

China and america (united states). China because their large army and man power and,U.S. because are navy and air force and the amount of money we spend on are military

How much money does Mexico spend on military?

Some US$6.98 billion, or 0.5% of its Gross Domestic Product.