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How much money did Time Warner Brothers spend on the making of the movie Polar express?

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When was The Polar Express created?

The Polar Express was created in 1981.

Is The Polar Express real?

Yes the polar express is real!

Will there be a Polar Express 3?

Considering Polar Express 2 doesn't and won't exist, there's not a chance there will be a Polar Express 3.

What is the ISBN of The Polar Express?

The ISBN of The Polar Express is 978-0395389492.

What are some popular Polar Express toys?

Some of the popular Polar Express Toys are the Polar Express Train Set and Action Figures. Also popular are the vehicles and bridges to use with the Polar Express Train Set. There is also a Polar Express DVD that is an excellent movie.

Who is the illustrator of polar express?

Chirs Van Allsburg is the illustrator of polar express.

Who played the conductor on Polar Express?

Tom Hanks is the conductor in the Polar Express

Is The Polar Express is a good movie?

the polar express is a good movie for christmas.

What was the Production Budget for The Polar Express?

The Production Budget for The Polar Express was $170,000,000.

Where do the events of the polar express take place?

The events of Polar Express mostly take place on the Polar a express. It is a train on its way to the North Pole.

What is the polar express about?

The Polar Express is about a boy that doesn't believe in Santa Clause and he finds out that Santa Clause is real. I hope you liked The Polar Express!

In what year did The Polar Express come out?

The Polar Express was released in theaters in November of 2004.

Who wrote the story The Polar Express?

Chris Van Allsburg wrote The Polar Express.

What is the duration of The Polar Express film?

The duration of The Polar Express - film - is 1.67 hours.

What mode of transportation is The Polar Express?

the mode transportation of the Polar Express is the big train

How many words are in the polar express?

there are 10000000 vivid words in the polar express

Where can one find a polar express bell from the movie Polar Express?

The 'Polar Express Bell' is a special gift set based on the film 'The Polar Express'. The set includes a gift box, a bell in a cloth bag, a fake ticket for the Polar Express, and a note from Santa Claus. It is sold at PolarExpressBells for 65 dollars.

How much money did The Polar Express gross worldwide?

The Polar Express grossed $319,049,659 worldwide.

In the movie polar express what was chosen as the first present?

in the movie polar express what was chosen as the first present

Who directed The Polar Express?

Robert Zemeckis directed The Polar Express. The film was released in November 2004.

How much money did The Polar Express gross domestically?

The Polar Express grossed $194,949,659 in the domestic market.

Where can one purchase Polar Express tickets?

Polar express tickets can be purchased online at various outlets depending on which polar express ride you are buying tickets for. Go to the Google webpage and enter Polar Express and the location of the ride you are looking for and it will give you the link to where you can purchase tickets.

Where is Maritsa?

in polar express

Who beat out Tom Hanks in Polar Express for an Oscar?

No one. Hanks wasn't nominated for his work in "The Polar Express."

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