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How much money did george and Lennie make?

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George killed Lennie because Lennie was crazy and killed someone. George killed Lennie for Lennie's own good.

George killed Lennie because if he didn't the others would have. The others would have made it a much more brutal killing for Lennie. George and Lennie possibly could have kept running, but would they run for the rest of their lives? No one could do that and ever be happy. Make your own opinion, but I feel George is justified in killing Lennie.

Lennie needed someone to take care of him. George and Lennie had been friends for a long time and stuck together. George thought Lennie was a great worker but he just didn't have much of a brain.

Lennie clearly loves George. We know this because he obeys every order from George. George is a father/brother figure to Lennie. Lennie respects him very much but due to his retardnesshe always ends up in trouble and poor George ALWAYS has to deal with it or suffer.

George's first complaint to Lennie is that he is drinking to much water. George's first complaint to Lennie is that he is drinking to much water.

Yes, believe he would because I am a much better person than Lennie.

He does not understand why a smart man like George would take so much trouble for someone like Lennie. Money would be an incentive to do so, but as readers we see that this is not the case.

Because of Lennie's simple mind, when Lennie's aunt passed away George promised to look after him and so when ever Lennie gets in trouble George has to help him get out of it. And also when they first come to work at the ranch the boss asks George who Lennie is to him he says hes his cousin. George mainly started looking after Lennie was when they were young George asked Lennie to jump into the river as a joke and he did. George didn't know he would and Lennie couldn't swim either so he had to go save him. from then on he never joked around like that with Lennie again. So not only they are companions but they pretty much family now.

If you mean the dead mouse from the beginning of the story, then because Lennie had his pants wet and George threw the mouse in the lake. George also knows Lennie too much, since they've been together for a long time, and assumes that he went to look for it.

Actually, no. They were portrayed as brothers, so to speak. They went every where together, even though George shot Lennie in the end of the book. George was with Lennie so long because Lennie had a mental condition, and he was like a true brother. George and Lennie's relationship could be described as a master/dog relationship, in that Lennie follows George wherever he goes. There relationship is also much like a parent/child in that George is constantly telling Lennie not to do things, and telling him off. This tells us that George cares about Lennie, however the reader may question George's motives, because why would a man want to hang out with a man like Lennie?

The murder affected george deeply. as he had just killed his best friend. as much as people would justify that lennie killed candy and that is punishable by death, george was the one to do his deed. george would rather have lennie be killed by him than by some stranger. The dream ties in, when george tells lennie to think about the little house they would have, and lennie remembered the rabbits. all lennie wanted was the rabbits. so as george told the story, he shot at the part about the rabbits.

Lennie drinks too much, out of a still pond, he carries a dead mouse, which he killed, and George must confiscate, and Lennie can't be trusted to carry his own work card.

Well you can buy them at the store in Med, Lrg, and X-Lrg In John Steinbeck novel '' Of Mice and Men'' the main character George and Lennie had a unique relationship. George took care of Lennie since Lennie has a mental illness. George was right to kill Lennie for the following reason. First Lennie will suffer more if Curley finds him and tortured him to avenge her wife from Lennie. Secondly Lennie will not cause more trouble if Geoorge have kill him. Lastly LEnnie might kill anyone again by accident. My first reason in my opinion is that Lennie might suffer more if Geogre didnt kill him. If Curley finds him ,the first thing might Curley do was to catch him and make him pay for what he have done to her wife. Curley will not stop looking for Lennie until he dont revenge her wife. If Curley and the worker catch him, Curley will make him suffer in pain while the other workers tortured and they will have no mercy on him and they will kill Lennie no matter what happened and no matter what it takes. George does not want that to happen to Lennie because he cannot bear watching his best -freind Lennie dying and suffer in pain before he die. Instead of other people kill Lennie ,he did it in his own way which is the most easiest way for Lennie to die without feeling any pain. He know that it was wrong but he also know that he cannot resolve the problem so he did it. There is no way that Curley will forgive Lennie and George know that too. However if George did not kill Lennie Curley might do it in humilating way. My second reason in my opinion is that Lennie will not cause more trouble if George did not kill him. Lennie is sometimes burden to George and sometimes George cant do what he want because he think that Lennie might do another trouble again. George know Lennie than anyone else so he sometimes know what is running on Lennie's mind. George took all the responsibilities for Lennie when Lennie's aunt Clara died. If Lennie is still alive he might cause more trouble in the ranch or in the bunk house. George was right to kill him because he and the others do not know anymore what might Lennie do next especially Lennie has a mental illness and sometimes he dont know what he is doing . In that case it is justified that George killed Lennie to avoid more troble especially when there are in the place where is a lot of people. Even if Curley forgive Lennie and he is stil alive the boss will might not accept them anymore. They already knew that Lennie sometimes donot know what he is doing and maybe they will not talk to him and go near to him because they might be affraid that Lennie might hurt them, like what he did on Culey's wife. The boss was Curley's father so the boss will throw them away. It is just right for George to killed Lennie in order to make more trouble avoided to being worst. My last reason in my opinion is that there is a lot of possibility that Lennie might kill anyone by accident and repeat all the entire mistake he did. Lennie does not know his own strength and sometimes he cannot control it when he is so nervous like what he did to Curley. Curley punch Lennie in the face and the other part too but Lennie did not fight back because his affraid until George encourage him to fight back and Lennie grab Curley's hand and he crush it. George try stop Lennie for crushing Curley's hand but Lennie is still holding it but he let it go to. Lennie always done bad things and every trouble he made George was the one who argue with them. George always save Lennie in every trouble he made. Lennie also always forget what George told him . Example for that is when Lennie try to find his work card is his side coat pocket he do not find it and think that he lost it but the truth is George has it because he know that Lennie might lose it by carrying his own work card. Lennie also done bad things always by accident like killing the mice, the puppy and especially Curley's wife so it is not posssible that he might do it again and kill another person. Only George can understand Lennie very well than anyone else and even though he do not see what really happened in Curley's wife he know that Lennie did not do it on purpose and even George try to explain it to others no one will listen and it will make no differences. No one was there to see what really actually happened at that incident. It is just right for George to kill Lennie for his own sake too and the others . Those are my three reason why should George have to kill Lennie and he was right to do it. George killed Lennie in order to save him from a painful death of the hands of Curley and the other workers. He ought to execute his own best-friend by himself just as Candy the swamper felt that he should have killed his own dog rather than letting a stranger do it and George also it was the right thing to do at that time and there is no time left because Curley and the workers are looking for them and they also near to them. Other's say it what morally wrong because it was mercy killing but in George situation it is just right. Sometimes it might not be but "yes" it might right be too in some circumstances. It is hard for George to kill his best-friend but what George did is for Lennie's own sake to. George is the one who is always make decision for Lennie but ,not for what Lennie can have .George make decision for what is the best for Lennie because he care so much and he love Lennie even his not showing it to him.

100 million and lost it all

George and Lennie are the Two anti-heroes of Steinbeck's novel "OF Mice and Men. They both had desired by the Great Depression in 1930 and live together as one. It is important to find out how much their relationship is bonded. Their desire made them to work together. Therefore George gave Lennie a mercy killing of death without quivering.

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As much as I wanted to hate George for killing him, I couldn't. He wanted so badly for Lennie to have a happy and long life but he was too destructive to himself and those around him. George knew he would be better off this way.

Lennie sees a girl in a pretty red dress and he likes it very much. He grabs it and wont let go. George hits Lennie over the head and the girl runs to the law and says she was raped.

As of 2010, he has a $4.3 billion franchise.