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How much money did it take Michael Dell to start his company?

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How much money did Michael dell havre to start dell computers?

While a student at the University of Texas at Austin in 1984, Michael Dell founded the company as PC's Limited with capital of $1000.

Where did Michael Dell get the money to start his business?

he asked his parents for $1000 to start his business

Ceo of Dell company?

The CEO of Dell is Michael Dell.

Who is dell company chairman?

Michael Saul dell

What company does Michael dell own?

Hence the name Michael Dell. He is famous for being the founder of dell inc (an American multinational computer company).

Who made Dell computers?

Michael Dell owns the company.

Is dell a private company?

Yes. It was founded by Michael Dell.

Who founded the Dell computer company?

Michael S. Dell.

How did the Dell computer get its name?

The Dell computer company is named after its founder Michael Dell.

What is the full form of Dell company?

there is no full form of DELL . it's the last name of the founder of the company michael dell.

Who was the inventor of Dell laptops?

My guess is Michael Dell, the founder of the company.

Why is that letter e tilted in DELL company?

it is named after Michael dell....

Who is the owner of dell laptop company?

Michael Dell is the founder chairman and CEO of Dell inc.

When did Dell first start?

Michael Dell founded the Dell Corporation in Austin, Texas in February of 1984. It is still privately owned by Michael Dell.

Where does the name dell come from?

Michael Saul Dell, founder of the company that bears his name.

Who owns a company that used to be called PC's Limited?

Michael Dell, and the shareholders of Dell Inc.

What does the name dell mean?

The company was founded in 1984, named after it's founder Michael Dell.

What year did Michael Dell develop the Dell Corporation?

In early 1984, Michael Dell registered his first company, entitled "PCs Limited," but changed the name to "Dell Computer Corporation" -- the name we know it by today -- a few months later, in May 1984. Michael Dell was 19 at the time.

How much money does michael dell make a year?


What year did Michael dell start his business?

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Is it co own or co-own?

dell coputers is a owned company it is owned by mr. Michael dell

When did Micheal Dell Invent Dell computers?

Michael Dell first built and sold personal computers from his dorm room at the University of Texas in 1984 at the age of 19. The original name of the company was PC's Unlimited. Michael became the youngest CEO to head a Fortune 500 company when the company was first included on the list in 1992. After leaving his CEO role in 2004, Dell worked with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. He returned as CEO in 2007.

Why did Michael Dell invent the computer?

Michael Dell did not invent the computer. However, his company Dell was the first to apply just-in-time manufacturing practices to the computer manufacturing industry on a wide scale successfully.

What did Michael Dell create?

Michael Dell made the Dell Laptop.

Who created the dell computers?

The company was created by Michael S. Dell in Round Rock, TX. But their headquarters are in Austin, TX.

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