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The most successful returning champion after this rule change was implemented was Ken Jennings, who won 74 consecutive games and a total of $2,520,700, breaking several records for both Jeopardy! and American Game Shows in general. Ken went on to win another $1,000,000 on the Jeopardy Ultimate Tournament of Champions. see related links

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Who is the Game Show Champion?

Brad Rutter Ken Jennings

When was Ken Jennings born?

Ken Jennings was born on May 23, 1974.

What about Ken Jennings wife's death?

Ken Jennings' wife is still alive...

How much did ken jennings win?

Ken Jennings won 74 consecutive games and a total of $2,520,700, he went on to receive additional $500,000 from the tournament that he lost .

From the show Jeopardy what was the name of the person who stayed on the show for about 13weeks?

Ken Jennings was on the show for 75 episodes, which is 15 weeks.

What was the largest amount of money ever won on a game show?

I am sure it was Ken Jennings on Jeprody! winning 3,022,000 US dollars in i believe was 2004..hope this helped you out..

How old is Ken Jennings?

Ken Jennings is 43 years old (birthdate: May 23, 1974).

What is the date of ken jennings 75 appearance on jeopardy?

On November 30 2004 Ken Jennings Lost to Nancy Zerg see related links There is also a link to Ken Jennings Jeopardy Archive Page

What is Ken Jennings's birthday?

Ken Jennings was born on May 23, 1974.

How much did Ken Jennings get after tax's?

A godamned nickel source: Im Kenny J himself in the flish

Who beat ken jennings on jeopardy?

In the year 2004, Ken Jennings won 74 consecutive games on Jeopardy. In his 75th appearance, he was beaten by Nancy Zerg, who finished the day with $14,401 to Jennings' final total of $8,799.

How many wins did ken jennings score on jeopardy before his streak ended?

Ken Jennings won 74 straight games before losing in game 75.

Who in Seattle does Ken Jennings work for now?

From the related link by Ken Jennings it appears that he has a book coming out and is writing another, Today February 14 2011 Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings will start the 3 Day tournament with Watson an IBM Computer see related link

How much did each contestant receive for participating in the IBM challenge on Jeopardy?

Ken Jennings received $300,00 for second place and Brad Rutter received $200,000 for third place. Both Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter will be giving half of there winnings to charity

Who beat ken jennings?

Jennings won 74 Jeopardy! games before he was defeated by challenger Nancy Zerg on his 75th appearance. Brad Rutter beat Ken Jennings in the Ultimate Tournament of Champions on May 25 2005.

Who has made the most money on jeopardy?

For the Contestants it was Brad Rutter and then Ken Jennings see related links Sony Pictures Television has made the most money for non contestants. Rutter will compete alongside Jennings in a special match against IBM's Watson in 2011.

How many questions did Ken Jennings answer correctly?

Ken Jennings won 74 consecutive games and a total of $2,520,700 breaking several records. He also won another 2.000 dollars for his second place finish on the 75th game. A link to Ken Jennings Wikipedia record has been added for more detailed information about him.

Who holds the record for most American game-show earnings?

Ken Jennings holds the record for most American game-show earnings. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_game_show_winnings_records#Top_ten_winnings_list

When did Phil cullins die?

How many books did Ken Jennings make?

Who is Ken Jennings?

A winner of 74 games in a row on the Jeopardy Game show and second highest Jeopardy cash winner. see related link for additional information on him

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