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How much money do basketball players get a year?


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You get how much your contract is worth

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basketball players get paid as much as 20,000,000 a year 456,000

Anywhere from $45,000 - $3 Million per year.

Some basketball players get paisd over 5,000,000 a year

i think they have Fixed-incomes because of how much money they make every year.

Truthfully, most basketball players don't make over 30 thousand dollars in a year, so probably not that much.

340,0000,000 or more if your good.

semi pro basketball players make up to 4.8M dollars a year

he year basketball players began being paid was 1896

the year basketball players began being paid was 1896

The first time basketball players got paid was in 1896

College and High school do not get paid. If you are in the NBA usually the owner of the team will negotiate with the basketball players agent. They usually get paid on how popular or good they are but they get about 20 to 30 million dollars a year.

Depend on how good they are.

I think it depends on the skill of the player. I know for sure that the best player gets like 6 million a year.

basketball players make different salaries. it just depends on how much the coach offers him for the season, and if the player accepts it

The average is 3.6 million dollarsa year

It all depends on your skill level. The average is about $6 million a year.

basketball players are ritch, im ten and my dad mabie makes at least 1000 dollors a week idk now though but baskitball players sould be payed less

a superstar can make 4-5 million dollars a year

It depends on what level of basketball, and where. In the NBA, the average salary for a year is around $10 million. For college and below, they are not payed. In Europe, the pay rates are slightly lower, as well as in other parts of the world.

Basketball is a sporting career. In the NBA you play for a team and you play for money. The contract you get tells you how much you get a year.

They Make An Avergage Of About Your Mom

A baseball player makes more money then a basketball player... most money payed for a baseball player right now is 30.5 mill for Alex Rodriguez. Most for a basketball player this year(2007-08) is 21 mill for Kevin Garnet!

Australian pro basketball players make about $175,000 Australian dollars per year. This is the average salary but it varies depending with experience level and the team one plays for.

It would be a variable amount as some years many get injured and some years not as much. If you are talking for all basketball players in the world though, it would be an uncountable amount.

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