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How much money do graphic designers earn?


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Graphic design salaries vary substantially by location, skill of the designer, experience level, portfolio of work, and ability to get clients.

Some graphic designers work independently from home or their office, whereas others work for firms or corporate in-house studios.

The AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) conducts yearly studies of design salaries and host an online salary calculator.

On average, entry-level designers can expect to earn between $30k-$35k. Graduates with competence and worthy portfolios can expect to earn around $40k-$45k, with potential to earn closer to $75k with experience. If you become a Creative Director of a firm, you are more likely to earn between $85k-$100k.


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Graphic designers earn any where from 1,20,000 Rs to 4,50,000 Rs annual in urban region in India.

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Hello, I m well versed in graphic designing and hardware and networking and i want to know how much does the graphic designers earn and wat will be their basic salary in KSA, waiting for ur reply soon......... Thank you.

A talented Graphic designer would earn around $70,000 a year depending on their employer and skills.

fashion designers earn 400"000 dollars in a month

The amount of money that game designers earn each year will vary depending on their experience and employer. On average, they earn from $60,000 to $85,000 per year.

how much do graphic designers make per year ?

Pay for advertisement designers varies.advertisement designers starting out as Mac operators can expect to earn around $35,000 a year.advertisement designers with a few years' experience in the industry can earn from $37,000 to $80,000, depending on their experience, ability and the region they work in.

How much a graphic designer can earn in South Africa is dependent upon qualifications and level of experience. A junior graphic designer can earn R 72,461 while a senior graphic designer can earn R 190,174 per year.

Web designers who stay upodated of the latest technologies and build portfolios with strong work stand to earn as much as $34 an hour, on average.----------------------------

It depends on what kind of fashion designer you are(independent,work for a company,etc.). Most designers do not earn alot of money at first.

fees are negotiabal.Differrent always.

People who do this job get paid approximately 3 dollars more than Oprah Winfrey!

around £150,000 a year

I'm not sure how much they earn a DAY...but most fashion designers earn between $13,440 and $93,000...

The freelance graphic designer create and innovate designs for clients through their graphic design expertise. They have technical skills in adobe and much more.

They get paid a real nice sum of money, designing in africa is a nice way to earn money let alone South Africa.

about $61,160 dollars on average

They earn roughly between 70 and 80 thousand dollars per year

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On average fashion designers will usually earn between $42,140 and $87, 510 on an annual basis. Of course, if you are incredibly famous you will earn more, and if very few people buy your clothing then you will earn less.

Its depends on which position they have like senior designer or junior designer. The salary and wage range varies quite a bit from location to location and the type of graphic designer you are such as website design VS billboard design. Typically graphic designers on average make 40,000 USD a year. Senior graphic designers tend to make a little more around 60,000 USD a year.

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