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How much money do movie directors get?

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As is true for any business deal, whatever the two parties agree on.

Some directors have worked for free. ($0)

Some directors have put in their own money to finish a picture and never got it back. (>$0)

For big budget Hollywood they might get an upfront bonus for signing on to the picture, a salary during production, a percentage of the box office or profits and some even get a perecentage of the memorabilia marketing. ($millons)

And everything in-between these extremes.

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How much money do movie directors get a year?

About $3/ hr.

How much do movie directors earn?

directors earn alot of money , they earn like every month 50.000

How much money do movie directors make a year?

movie directors make about $52,840 a year This number will vary greatly. Some directors make millions of dollars per year.

How much does movie directors make monthly?

it depend on how good the movie mit get more then the person get a hour. thats a lot of money

How much money do movie directors make?

$52,840 a year, but this varies a lot. A famous movie director with a very successful movie will get maybe a million dollars a year.

How much does a movie money director earns?

The average movie director makes around 70,000 dollars a year. Most movie directors and producers do not have hit movies.

How much do movie directors get paid?

a lot

Do directors make more money than producers or actors on 1 movie?

It varies a lot depending on the director and depending on the actors. Most directors will be paid more than the actors who are in their movies, but if the actor is a "big name" or a lead, they may be paid more than the director. Furthermore, directors (and sometimes actors) often receive money based on how much a movie makes at the box office, so their exact final amount received will depend on how popular their movie is. Contracts for "star" directors and actors are very complicated.

What do movie directors do?

Movie directors oversee the technical and artistic elements of a given movie.

How much do film directors get paid?

for 1 descent movie; probably about £500,000

Did Elvis Presley have any directors?

he had movie directors

How much money do art directors make?

about $3 per hour minus the cost for the actors

Why do directors say that some movies are based on true stories when they aren't?

They say it to get more publicty to get more money for the movie.

Why does the movie theater cost so much money?

The movie theaters need MONEY!

How much money does Robert Pattinson get when he makes a movie?

Very much money.

What are the corporate objectives?

To make sure the CEO and board of directors get as much money as possible and to preserve their positions.

How much do Medical Directors make?

how much do medical directors make a year?

Who pays directors to make movies?

Movie directors are paid by the studio and the producers of the movie. Sometimes a movie director will finance the movie and get paid once the film has been released.

What is the relationship between the board of directors and the chief officers?

The directors make more money.

Can a movie have two directors?


Is there a directors cut for the movie unfaithful?


How much do bands make per show?

Thousands. However, this money doesnt all go to them. some money is givin to Directors, Producers ect

How much money did Breaking Free High School Musical make it's directors?

"Breaking Free" is a song from the High School Musical movie series. This song had sales of over 500,000. Depending on the price of the song for different purchase sources, this song could have engrossed millions of dollars for the directors.

How much money do machinima directors make per view?

That is private information for Machinima Partners/Employees only.

How much money does a movie director make in a year?

practically nothing. most movie directors don't make enough in the film industry to survive. if you're thinking of trying to become a director, then don't. stop right now and become a doctor, dentist or lawyer.