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How much money do war corespondents make?

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How much money do soldiers in the war make?

5000 an hour

How much money did the film war horse make?


How much money did gears of war 3 make?

about $2 Billion.

How much money did the colonists make in the revolutionary war?

5 dollars an hour.

How much money did someone make in the army in World War 1?

.50 cents a day

How much money did Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie cartoon make?

It didn't make any money, It was a cartoon short in front of the feature film Gang War. If it did make money, those figures have apparently been lost to history.

How much money has been spent on the afghan war?

Billions of money.

How much has the Afghanistan war cost?


How much money did World War 2 spies make?

about 4 million a mission, and depending on the information they were able to receive

How did US make money during wars?

War bonds and money drives.

How did geography influence the rise of early civilization?

Economy, war and education all contribute to the rise of early civilizations. How much money a country has decides if a civilization can make it or not. How smart the people are also contributes, the smart people make weapons for war and stuff. War causes a civilization to lose money or be conquered.

How much money did Vietnam spend on the war?

See: Vietnam War & Statistics about the Vietnam War

How much money did War gross worldwide?

War grossed $40,686,409 worldwide.

How does Jonathan and his family make money after the war?

he didint

How much money was spent on the cold war?


How much money did the civil war cost?


How much money have spent on war?

900 billion

How much money was the Korean war?

$430 billion

How much money has US spent on guns for war?

Too Much! Too Much!

How much did World War 1 cost Americans?

Alot of money, lives, & of course, : war, war and... war.

How much money was spent on propaganda during World War 2 by each country?

how much money was spent on propaganda during world war 2 by america

What difficulties did the patriots experience in the early years of the war?

The Problem was that they did not have much money for the war.

How much money did the Vietnam War cost?

531.5 Billion Dollars Was spent on the war

How much money was the Vietnam war in todays dollars?

See: Vietnam War statistics

How much money did World War 2 war bonds raise?

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