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Q: How much money do you get for recycling aluminum cans in Washington state?
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What is the current price of recycling aluminum cans in Washington state?

.32-.65 cents depending on where you live in wa state.

Which state gets money by recycling bottles?

i believe every state has some sort of a recycling system

How does Washington state makes its money?

by selling things

Why do synthetic polymers have recycling numbers?

The number is given according to the recycling state of the polymers So, we can be able to figure out the recycling state of the polymers by their recycling number.

What states recycle USA?

All of the states in the United States recycle. The worst managed recycling state is Nevada. The best is Washington.

How much money does Washington state make on tourism?

being stripers.

Major industries in Washington?

The state of Washington has some great industries. These industries are, tourism, farming, computer software, lumber, hydroelectric power, aircraft, and aluminum refining.

Is there a new Washington state two dollar bill?

No. States can not print money.

How do the recycling codes and symbols differ from state to state?


Which US state recycles the most aluminum?

The answer isn't easy to find, and will probably change from year to year. Check the graphs and statistics from the US Container Recycling Institute in the link below.One fact: 55 billion aluminum cans were thrown in the trash (not recycled) in 2005.

What is the oxidation state of aluminum in aluminum fluoride?


What parts of the US are affected by recycling?

Every part of the US is affected by recycling since there are recycling programs in probably every city in every state.

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