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395,000 divided by 52 weeks equals 7,596.15 per week.

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How much money does an ecologist make?

whats a salary of a ecologists

How much money does an accountant or CPA make as an annual salary?


How much money does a nail person make a year?

Depends on what there salary is

How much money in a average yearly salary does a teacher make?


How much money does celery make?

Celery is a vegetable and as such is not paid a salary.

How much money does the president make each year in salary?


How much money a correction oficer make?

salary for naval architecture

How much money does an paleopathologist make?

They make an average salary of between 70,000-100,000.

How much money did george washington make in 1789?

He didn't make any money. He didn't take a salary from the government. Several presidents have not taken a salary. JFK was one.

How much money does Paolo Maldini make?

He make the money he plays on football and he makes millons of dollars in a year salary.

How much money dose a food chemist make?

•Entry level salary is $28,750 •Average salary is $48,670 •Maximum salary is $85,460

How much money do you need to make annual salary?

Your annual salary could be any amount. It is the total money earned in any given year.

How much money will a lawyer make in the year of 2008 depending on their starting salary?

They might make 80,000 dollars depending on their starting salary

How much money does a film producer make in one years salary?


Typical beginning salary for a veterinarian?

how much money does a veterinarian make in the beginning?

How much money do you make an hour if your salary is 81000?

$38.94 per hour.

How much money does a 911 operator make a year?

what is the salary of 911 operatos

How much money does Hermione Granger make?

Hermione Granger's salary is unknown.

How much money does an arborist make?

The average starting salary for an arborist is $30,100 per year. An experienced arborist can make as much as $43,000. The average annual salary is $36,550.

How much money do fashion models make?

A Fashion Model can make a salary range from $17,000 to $117,000.

How much money do WWE wrestlers make a year?

There first year they make 300,000 and their salary grows from that.

How much money does a falconer make?

A falconer is a specialty occupation. They generally do not make much money. The average salary is around 23,000 a year. If they work for movies, they may make more.

How much money does Patrick Kane make?

Patrick Kane's salary from 2010 is $6,500,000.

How much money does vanna white make?

Her salary and net worth are kept private

How much money do supermodels make?

a yearly salary for a supermodel is about $5 million dollars.

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